Thai School Performs Traditional Thai Dance

Thai schools teach traditional Thai dancing to their students. 

Near Lopburi there is a local school for Thai girls and boys up to 11 years old called Rong Rian Wat Nong Koo. Plans were made amongst our group to visit the school and make a donation to them.

It is quite common for Thais to organise workplace events that involve donating food or clothing to those who don't have as much in the other parts of Thailand.

Outside the Thai school Rong Rian Wat Nong Koo with the headmaster

The donation comprised of simple things like exercise books, pens and pencils, school uniforms.

Just the sort of things that every Thai school girl and boy needs to have for daily use.

In the van we had also packed some food for a big lunch for the students and families.

We arrived at midday with the students already waiting for us and started to prepare the lunch for everyone. This involved cutting up the meat and then serving out meat and rice onto the plates.

Thai School Performance

After lunch there were kanom for the students, many of whom were already in their dance outfits and looked really smart.

Thai students lining up for kanom and red was the most popular colour

These Thai deserts were extremely popular, with the red ones being everybody's favourite.

Once lunch was finished with and tidied away the school set about making preparation for the dancing display.

The boys were dressed in yellow and headed up the percussion section at the rear and the girls were in orange and performed at the front.

Students from Rong Rian Wat Nong Koo performing traditional Thai dancing
Thai school dancers stood on drums
Amazing balance to be able to do this
Difficult to balance like this
Thai school dancers holding the Thai flag
Concluding the dance with a picture of the King

After the dancing was complete the head boy of the school gave a short speech to thank us for our donation and we responded with our appreciation for the excellent display of dancing.

Giving a speech to thank the guests

This was rounded out with a school photo of all the students.

Rong Rian Wat Nong Koo school photograph
The classroom block

There was then a short tour of the school classrooms.

One classroom was fully set up with brand new computers for teaching computer courses and another was used for teaching traditional Thai dancing.

There was certainly no shortage of learning aids.

Traditional Thai dancing movements

The teacher explained how she made the pop up books by hand and used them to teach the various movements to the students. You can see for yourself how much work must have gone into preparing each of these books.

This local Thai school enters many national competitions and judging by the trophies in the trophy case does quite well.

Traditional Thai dancing movements

It was a real pleasure to attend this event and if you ever get the opportunity to be involved with something like this I think you will really enjoy it. I know I did. 

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