Learn Thai

Want to learn Thai?

Want to learn to read and speak Thai but don't know where to start?

Well, hundreds of people each week are searching the internet for answers to these questions, because they are also interested in learning to speak the Thai language.

Many of those people go on to realise their goal by taking a home study course or attending formal classes.

Actually reading and speaking Thai is not as difficult as you think and if you have a plan to come and visit Thailand to live or work, then I recommend you should try to learn at least some basic Thai before you arrive in Thailand

Learn to speak Thai when in Bangkok

Just knowing even a few Thai words makes life a whole lot easier, but with the right teaching methods you can be up and running in just a few days.

It is not that difficult to learn to speak Thai sufficiently well to be able to get those simple tasks done; you know, like putting petrol in the car or asking for a can of soft drink or even ordering food from a street vendor.

If you are just on vacation, then once you leave the confines of the hotel or resort you need to know how to order food, how to ask for a drink, take a taxi or ask the price of something.

You will feel so much more confident with a few phrases to hand.

You don't need to know the whole Thai language, just a little bit.

Learning Thai at Home

Did you know that languages are graded in terms of how much study time it takes to learn them? The Thai language is considered of intermediate difficulty for a Westerner to learn.

The easiest language to learn is Spanish.

That is because it has many words in common with many of the Western languages, so it makes it easy to grasp and you should be able to speak fluent Spanish in about 600 hours.

Thai words and phrases can be easily learned

When I say fluent, I mean be able to conduct business meetings and have full comprehension of the language.

The most difficult languages to learn are Korean, Japanese and Chinese and these take about 2200 hours of study.

Obviously these languages have very little in common with your Western language, so you are starting right from the beginning.

Believe me, it is not that difficult to learn Thai and after only a few lessons you will be able to read simple words and be putting short sentences together.

Really, you will be surprised at how quickly you can learn to speak Thai. I know I was.

So if you are thinking about learning Thai then I recommend that you visit the Hi Speed Thai website that offers a home study programme that you can start today.

How to Learn Thai

7 Reasons to Learn the Thai Language
Want to retire to Thailand, looking for job opportunities in Bangkok, want to talk to your new Thai girl or just want to amaze your friends that you can speak Thai?

Learn some Thai, it is great for ordering that Beef Mussaman curry down at the Thai takeaway.

How to learn Thai phrases
Get tips and tricks that help you remember some key Thai phrases.

Want to know how to learn some great Thai phrases?

Is learning the Thai language difficult?
Explore the myths about the Thai language and see just how difficult it really is.

If I can do it then anyone can.

How can I study Thai?
What options are there for studying Thai.? Do I need a Thai dictionary, can I do it on the internet, and do I have to go back to school? These questions and more all answered here.

Why do you want to enrol in a Thai language programme?
What drives you? What is your motivation?

You need to fathom out for yourself the reason for wanting to enrol in a Thai language programme and learn Thai.

What are the ways to learn to read and speak Thai?
Books, courses, direct download, online live classes, the world is your oyster when it comes to taking Thai lessons.

Get stuck in and give it a go, you will be surprised how easy it can be to learn Thai.

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