Agoda Hotels in Bangkok

Ever thought of exploring the Agoda hotels booking website?

Well if you are not sure what it is all about, let me recount my own experience, because booking your own accommodation on the internet is one of the best ways to save money on your Agoda Bangkok hotel bookings.

How to Select from the Best Agoda Hotels in Bangkok

Several years ago when I first started to travel, I was surfing around the internet looking for Bangkok hotel deals and I found a website called Precision Reservations.

After some brief research I was convinced that there were significant savings to be made by booking directly on the internet rather than directly with the hotel.

It was also a lot more convenient to handle the business bookings myself than to let someone else do it.

Bangkok Agoda hotels can be found cheaply at Agoda.comEmporium Suites by Chatrium, Bangkok

Because I was such a frequent user of the Agoda Bangkok hotels site (Precision Reservations as it was then) I was requested to provide feedback on the website design and usability.

I feel that the comments I made at the time went a long way to improving the search functionality and to give us the great site that we have today.

Of course things have moved on since then and their business has gone from strength to strength and now includes Agoda Homes as an alternative to traditional hotel accommodation.

In the course of time Precision Reservations was taken over by the US company Priceline and became part of the Agoda hotels group.

Using the Agoda Bangkok hotels website is still my preferred method for booking rooms for both personal and business purposes and I still make frequent bookings.

Agoda Bangkok have great Bangkok hotel deals on the Hilton Hua HinHilton Hotel Hua Hin

Over a ten year period I have accumulated over 130 hotel bookings using the Agoda online hotel booking service and I can honestly say that I am extremely satisfied with the website functionality and the level of customer service.

Since that time I have made even more bookings, but they no longer keep a running total in my Agoda account and I have lost track of how many I have made.

But from my estimation, I think I have made more than 200 online Agoda bookings for Bangkok hotels.

From the screenshot below you can see that I have more than 10 pages of booking Agoda hotels for personal use.

Agoda hotel booking history

These are actual bookings made by me for a hotel reservation that I actually stayed at.

Some of this has been for business travel and some has been for personal travel to Bangkok and surrounding areas.

Not all of these Agoda hotel bookings have been in Thailand, some of the other cities and countries I stayed in over the years include:

  • Agoda Singapore
  • Agoda Beijing
  • Agoda Shanghai
  • Agoda Taipei
  • Agoda Taoyuan City
  • Agoda Zurich
  • Agoda Basel
  • Agoda London
  • Agoda Hull
  • Agoda Philippines
  • Agoda Malaysia
  • Agoda Vietnam
  • Agoda Hong Kong
  • Agoda Mumbai
  • Agoda Delhi
  • Agoda Vadodra
  • Agoda Bangalore
  • Agoda Tokyo
  • Agoda New Zealand

Agoda have some great Bangkok hotel deals listed every day and the Agoda hotels team have constantly been updating the website and whilst there are now additional competitors available, I find that I am always using the Agoda option unless the hotel is not listed with them.

There is also new functionality introducted to the website, to reclaim those lost booking forms and receipts that go astray; something that used to be a problem in the early days.

Agoda booking image

Just the very nature of the internet and spam filters etc. mean that sometimes confirmation emails do go missing and it is great to know that they can be retrieved easily with the click of a button.

Navalai Resort near to Khaosan Road Bangkok is a cheap place to stay

The Agoda hotels team are right on the ball here.

In fact no sooner have I created snapshots of the Agoda Hotels Bangkok website search functionality and the team will have updated it and changed the design.

So don't worry if the snapshots below are different to the website, the general idea of filtering searches is what is important.

The Agoda hotel reservation process is now fully automated and is simple and easy to use, but should you experience any problem then they still have a 24-hour call centre that can resolve your query.

Agoda Hotel Booking

When arranging your Agoda hotel booking and choice of room accommodation always check the terms and conditions of cancellation very carefully.

Bangkok Hilton on the Chaophrya River has great Agoda hotel deals

These conditions are imposed by the hotel and not by Agoda hotel, who is just acting as a booking agent.

Whilst you can sometimes get a better price by accepting a "no cancellation" option it is not always a good choice for the business traveller, where travel plans can change at the last minute.

Even so, many times I do opt for the last minute booking, as there are cheap Bangkok hotel prices that often appear at the last minute.

Wherever possible it pays to be flexible in choosing travel dates.

Have a look at my range of Bangkok Agoda hotels, I am sure that you will find the prices extremely competitive and if you hop on the Agoda hotels website you are sure to find the very latest Bangkok hotel deals.

But there is no need to listen to me because like many others who use the Bangkok Travel Ideas website you are probably a self-directed person who likes to check things out for themselves.

So what do you need to do?

Search Agoda Last Minute Hotel Deals

Maybe my Bangkok hotels suggestions are not in the right area or are not in your price range. Right?

You really want to look for yourself?

Here are some tips to help you find the right last minute Agoda hotel deal, in the right area of Bangkok and at the right price.

First, open up a new window by going to the Agoda Bangkok website.

Put the windows side by side so you can follow along with the instructions.

The page is set out simply with the following features that I highlight in the graphic below to enhance your user experience.

I have numbered each part of the form to draw your attention to the more useful features.

  1. Price Range
  2. Hotel Star Rating
  3. Choice of Location
  4. Hotel Name if known
  5. Number of People
  6. Hotels, Agoda Homes or Both
  7. Area Map
  8. Popular Areas
  9. Sort Criteria, Price, Best Match, Secret Deals
  10. Suggested Hotel
  11. Review Rating
  12. Price
  13. Additional Filter Criteria
  14. Currency Selection
Agoda hotel deals in Bangkok

Do you want to look for Bangkok hotel deals near to the airport?

Just apply the filter Stars 1...5 and select Airport Suvarnabhumi in the drop down boxes and the page will automatically refresh.

Don't worry of the website looks slightly different to the images, just look around the page and you will find the search functions, they may be radio buttons or in drop down boxes.

If you wish to find Agoda Bangkok hotels in the 1000-2000 baht price range, just scroll down the page and you will see them listed.

Make sure you are signed in to the Agoda website so that you get offered the Agoda Hotels Last minute deals and make significant savings off the normal room rates.

Use of the simple filters can make Bangkok hotel selection so much easier.

You can also change the filter to look for hotels in Pratunam, for example.

Spend a few minutes playing around with the settings and become familiar with what they do before making your final hotel selection.

Often if you are like me you will have 10 tabs open of all the hotel options, before making a final decision.

Further down the page I provide an example screening process that I use recently to find suitable beach resort accommodation.

Big hotels in the city really don't need much research, but when you choose to look for Bangkok beach locations using Agoda hotels, then you do really need to be on the ball and be a bit organised.

Out of the way places need a little bit more checking, as you can easily find yourself in a place that does not suit you. I will explain more about this process soon.

Agoda Reviews

One extremely useful feature when selecting an Agoda hotel are the Guest Reviews.

Located at the bottom of every page there are Agoda reviews generated by the guests after leaving the hotel. Usually next to it are the guest reviews.

You can switch between the tabs to get a more in depth perspective of the Agoda hotel that you are researching.

Agoda hotels Bangkok have a great selection of rooms for business and pleasure.

Make a point of reading these travellers guest reviews and take more notice of those hotels which have a higher rating.

A rating of 8.5 or more for a hotel with many thousands of reviews is usually a good guideline to aim for.

If you are booking a 2 or 3 star hotel or cabin out the back of nowhere then look for higher scores and a reasonable number of responses.

Generally people accept that the facilities will be very basic and they are more concerned about staff service and unclean rooms and often complain more about the general location, rather than the hotel itself.

In this case you may see comments about rubbish and plastic on the beach or about the hotel being isolated, or difficult to get to.

Cheaper hotels can have a lot more variability than the brand names in the city, so pay more attention when booking something at the cheaper end of the range, as well as the total number of Agoda reviews.

Generally I would ignore someone commenting about the lack of porters to carry the bags, but I would take notice if there was "duff duff" music coming from the nearby beer bar until 5:00 am.

The Pullman Hotel Bangkok has full business facilities and can be booked through an Agoda hotel booking

Service levels can change depending upon the staff, but structural issues cannot be solved easily and if you are one of those people that likes to retire early and have an uninterrupted sleep, then you are probably not going to appreciate the sound of the local reggae beach bar blasting out until all hours.

I find that for smaller hotels these reviews are extremely helpful in sorting the good from the not so good.

Use some common sense and realise that some people just have ridiculous expectations and complain because the room maid forgot the face washer one day, on the other hand multiple complaints about the same topic would draw my interest.

What I look for in a hotel when I stay for pleasure is different to what I look for if I stay on business.

When I stay in an any of the Agoda hotels for business purposes, I want

  • it near to the office
  • it to be clean
  • to have a good internet connection irrespective of cost
  • a mobile phone signal (tricky one to check from a website)

When I stay for leisure, I want

  • it to be clean
  • it to be quiet
  • it near attractions and restaurants.
Berkeley Hotel is a great Agoda hotel offering

I hope this brief overview about how to use the Agoda hotels search function for was helpful and that you can use the same process when making other Agoda Thailand bookings.

Now go out and find your self some great Bangkok hotel deals and save yourself some money.

If you are not sure which area of Bangkok to stay in, then check out this page on Bangkok tourist areas first and it will give you a good idea.

You can also read more suggestions about using Agoda Bangkok.

3 Tips When Selecting an Agoda Hotel in Thailand

Tip No. 1 Choose the Best Beach

If you have never heard of Koh Phayam and want to know its location, then in round numbers it is about 250 kms North of Phuket and just below Ranong on the West coast of Thailand.

It is a lovely place to visit, but is a hidden secret known only to rich Thais and European backpackers.

In the Agoda search box you need to choose Koh Phayam.

The same principal would apply if you were looking for a hotel in Chao Lao or Koh Chang; just type the area search term in the search box to get the range of hotels in that area of Thailand.

Here is an example of how you might go about selecting a Thailand beach resort hotel.

This example is for a beach resort in Koh Phayam that you can book using an Agoda hotel search.

Check for the best Agoda hotel in Thailand. Check beach locations for the best choice.

Once you have chosen your Thailand beach destination then look up the Beach Inspector website to find the best beaches in the area.

Most often the West side or East side of a small island has the better beaches, so it pays to take some time to understand the area layout.

To get an idea of the location try the Beach Inspector website tool to pull up the island map and the various beach locations. It is a good guide to many beach areas and worth a look.

Find an Agoda hotel using the Beach Inspector website

From the various reviews it would seem that in this case the North or West beaches are the best. 

So now you need to look on the Agoda hotels website for those hotels located in these two area. 

Tip No. 2 Choose the Best Hotel

For the average tourist on a 10 day vacation then this is going to be to much bother to even try and get to Koh Phayam.

But for those intrepid travellers that like a bit of a challenge and adventure, then this is an interesting Bangkok Travel Ideas suggestion.

From the Agoda home page, select Koh Phayam in the Agoda Hotels search bar and then select those hotels in the preferred areas.

Agoda hotel in Thailand. Check beach locations for the best choice

In the first search for Koh Phayam many Agoda hotels will come up.

You can filter this search based upon price as there is a wide price range available from $11 to $160 per night.

Tip No. 3 Rank Your Choices

For each hotel you can open a spreadsheet to rank the options.

This is how I do it to narrow down the selection.

Based upon your important criteria, then rank the offerings from 1-10.

Some hotels will:

  • not be available
  • not be on the beach
  • not have a restaurant
  • have noise complaints
  • be too expensive
  • have a swimming pool.

Whatever you want in an ideal Thailand holiday location, then you can rank that feature higher.

Here is an example ranking spreadsheet below to help me choose what suits me.

I follow this process whenever I visit a new area and tracking the Aoda listings as I go means I don't miss anything or have to repeat my work.

In the example below I ended up booking The Blue Sky Resort, it is the most expensive on the list, but it was in a fabulous location and it was a really good choice.

Agoda hotel selection spreadsheet. Choose the best Agoda Thailand accommodation near the beach.

There are many ways to select the correct Agoda hotel, this is just my way for those places that are off the beaten track and require a little more research to ensure you get something that matches your expectations.

Hopefully you can use this guide to choose a suitable hotel in Thailand using the Agoda hotels choices.

When staying near Sukhumvit, then read more about these two hotels, so see how affordable it can be.

Emporium Suites near Phrom Phong BTS Station and the Emporium Shopping Mall.

Bangkok Hotel Lotus located just inside Soi 33 or if you are looking for a Budget Hotel in Bangkok, there is a page discussing what is available at great prices at Budget Hotel Bangkok.

Agoda Bangkok has even more to say about the range of hotels on offer and how to get a good deal.

Agoda Customer Service

How can I contact Agoda?

A cancellation of a hotel can be performed on your Agoda login page and you will be automatically refunded according to the terms and conditions of your booking.

In the case of a special situation to request a refund, please contact Agoda at any of the following:

  • On the website
  • By telephone +44 (0) 20 3027 7900 (international charges will apply)
  • By e-mail via the Customer Support page.

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