9 Travel Tips For Bangkok Trips

I follow these 9 travel tips when going to Bangkok and consider them an important part of preparing for international travel.

Whenever travelling overseas you leave behind all those support systems that you rely on in your home country.

You will be a long way from home when you travel to Thailand and it makes sense to prepare for your trip, just in case.

I have put together a checklist of things that you should consider beforehand and some common sense precautions you can take whilst travelling to ensure your vacation is trouble-free.

9 Best Bangkok Travel Tips

This list of 9 Bangkok travel tips covers the pre-planning stages of your trip to Thailand, as well as the things to take with you to make your experience so much more enjoyable.

Passport and Thailand Visa

When travelling to Thailand you will need a current passport with at least 6 month remaining on it before expiry.

Generally for short stays of 30 days or less nationals of 40 different countries do not need a visa when travelling for tourist purposes.

However the requirements are different by nationality and trip type so you should check with your travel agent, airline or by contacting the nearest Thai Embassy or Consulate.


Government Travel Warnings

If intending to travel beyond Bangkok, then learn where to go and where not to go for a safe vacation.


Bangkok Travel Reservation Tips

Booking accommodation doesn't have to be difficult to do yourself, so get online and give it a go.

Learn how to select the best Bangkok hotels and get great rates.


Travel Insurance Tips

Learn about the unexpected costs that can happen when travelling in Thailand and how to protect yourself with appropriate insurance.


International Drivers Permit

If planning on renting a car or motorbike whilst in Thailand then holding the correct documentation is vital.

Read what is involved in obtaining an International Driving Permit and why you should get one before leaving home.


Travel Money Tips

Guide to the different ways to carry currency in Bangkok and where to get the best currency exchange rates.

Just not knowing this one thing, could cost you dearly.


Suvarnabhumi Airport Currency Exchange

All the details of how to navigate the Bangkok Airport currency exchange maze.

Everyone is after your money, so make sure to be prepared.


Travel Accessories

Learn about the travel accessories that can lighten the load of international travel.


Travel Packing List

Don't take more than you need. Bangkok is warm and humid, so leave that big coat behind and just pack the necessities.

Ensure you leave enough room in your suitcase to pack those souvenirs as it is inevitable that you will take more home than you brought.

Learn how to pack just the essentials and never forget those important travel items.


Pre Travel Planning

Create yourself a little emergency kit consisting of:

  • Insect repellent
  • mozzie zapper
  • sunscreen
  • imodium
  • sticking plasters
  • analgesics
  • antacids

These few items will cover the most likely events and save you from having to be searching around for a pharmacy at 1:00 am in unfamiliar territory.

You probably have most of these things already in your home and you can put them into one of those spare little airline bags that collect in the cupboard.

One of my favourite backpacks for airline travel is the Conni Cocci brand and I explain why it is my bag of choice here.

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