Travel Warnings

Travel warnings are important, so when planning to visit any overseas country always review and heed the travel advisory notices published by your government.

These posts provide advice on the areas to avoid and examples of recent events.

Life is meant to be lived and there are no guarantees on anything.

Nothing in your life is risk free so be sure to put these advisories into the context of your overall life experiences.

Take the necessary precautions, heed the advice, but go out and enjoy yourself.

I have been in Bangkok on the night of the September 2006 coup and I have been in parts of Northern India in 2007 that have travel advisory notices of "Do not travel" and I lived to survive the experiences.

What I suggest is that you check the government websites below for your own country so you have a benchmark to compare against.

You might be surprised about just how dangerous where you currently live is.

If you are from the UK then go to the UK site and see the warnings for visitors who are intending to go to the UK.

Compare this against the information given for Thailand. I think that will help put these warnings into context for you.

Australian Citizens go to Dept. of Foreign Affairs

British Citizens go to Foreign & Commonwealth Office

American Citizens go to Bureau of Consular Affairs

Always be a smart traveller and take out travel insurance before you depart and inform your consulate about your travel plans.

Always take notice of the government travel advisory notices that are posted on the government websites and take into consideration your travel insurance.

If the warning is of a serious nature you should check with your travel insurance provider that you are still insured.

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