Bangkok Airport Money Exchange

Bangkok Airport Money Exchange Introduction

The Bangkok Airport money exchange options are clearly explained and the ATM Bangkok Airport locations identified for visitors to Bangkok. 

This article provides a comprehensive guide to currency exchange in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

It will explain:

  • the currency of Thailand
  • where you can exchange money in Bangkok Airport
  • the best places to exchange money at Bangkok Airport

If this is your first trip to Thailand, then perhaps read more general information about travel money first, and come back to this page after you have done so.

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is a popular tourist destination attracting millions of travellers every year and Suvarnabhumi Airport is the main arrival point for many international arrivals.

Currency exchange is a crucial aspect for any traveller, as it helps them to obtain the local currency without overpaying and makes their travel experience smoother.

The Currency of Thailand

The currency of Thailand is the Thai baht and this is accepted throughout the country.

So whether you are in Bangkok or Khao Lak the currency is the Thai baht and unlike some other countries they do not accept foreign currencies for local transactions.

Don't expect that you can pay in US dollars or GB pounds for local expenses or taxi rides, because that is not the case and you could end up with a problem.

It is your responsibility to have access to sufficient funds for your trip, and in particular upon arrival when you may need some money for the airport transfer to your hotel. 

So how do you navigate the maze of choices available?

Whilst many international credit and debit cards are widely accepted in Bangkok, so you can also use your card to withdraw cash or make purchases, in general taxis don't take credit cards, so you will need some cash for that final leg of your journey...and here is how.

Where Can I Exchange Money in Bangkok Airport?

Bangkok Airport money exchange locations in Suvarnabhumi Airport are not the only places to get the local Thai baht for your trip.

But if you are coming to Bangkok then some Thai baht will come in useful to get you over the first couple of days

There are many options to buy foreign currency for your vacation and it is important to understand the different ways to exchange currency.

Whether you wish to exchange INR, USD, EUR, JPY or AUD then some options are more expensive than the others, so read on.

There are two ways to exchange money at Bangkok Airport - you can use an ATM or you can go to a currency exchange booth to exhange your foreign currency for Thai baht.

The conversion rates are relatively similar, so it's just a matter of convenience, although you may be subject to additional fees from your bank or the ATM operator.

In Thailand the standard ATM withdrawal fee is currently set at 220 baht per transaction, so unless you have a card that credits these fees, it can work out quite expensive to be using ATMs for small amounts of cash.

Best Bangkok Airport Money Exchange Rate

Where can I get the best exchange rate in Bangkok Airport?

When looking for the best Bangkok Airport money exchange booth, then the very best place to exchange your foreign currency for Thai baht, is down in the basement of Bangkok Airport next to the Airport Rail Link.

Bear in mind that these locations are not open 24-hours, so although you get the best rate, it is not much use if they are closed.

So, bear in mind your arrival time and also the amount of cash that you need to change.

Is it cheaper to exchange money in Thailand?

Yes, you will always get a better exchange rate if you bring your local currency to Thailand in cash and change it when you arrive and it is never advisable to change currency to Thai baht in your home country, either through your bank, or worse still, at the airport of departure.

You can lose up to 40% by doing it this way and so it is always better to exchange money once you arrive in Bangkok.

In fact there is no problem bringing cash to Thailand, but you do have to honour your own country's currency regulations on the export of currency, so make sure you check any restrictions that apply.

Also, consider that if you bring more than the equivalent of USD $20,000 into Thailand, then make a Customs declaration when you arrive, or else risk confiscation if it is found. 

The Customs currency declaration form can be obtained off your inbound aircraft, they will normally have a copy for you to complete, if you request it from the cabin attendant.

So if you are thinking, is it best to buy Thai baht in Thailand, then the answer is nearly always yes, if you are converting dollars, pounds or euros.

If converting Indian Rupees, then there is some suggestions that converting to US Dollars first, within India, and bringing US dollars could be more favourable.

As with anything, consider your own situation to determine what is going to work best for your currency.

This page has a couple of calculators to help to decide what is going to work out best for your own situation, so have a play around with them.

All the currency exchange booths that I have used in Thailand do not have an associated fee, so the quoted exchange rate is what you will receive.

Bangkok Currency Converter

Before doing any Bangkok Airport currency exchange, familiarise yourself with the prevailing Thai baht currency exchange rate.

This way, you will have a good idea of what exchange rate to expect when you land.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Money Exchange

On arrival, there are plenty of currency exchange booths at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and the one in the arrival concourse are open 24 hours per day. 

If you need some cash to pay the taxi for the hotel transfer, then just get some Thai baht upon arrival.

Bangkok Airport currency exchange booths in Concourse CCurrency Exchange Bangkok Airport

There are Bangkok Airport money exchange booths at the intersection of Concourse C and Concourse E, which is right next to transfer passenger processing area.

So for example if you have an onward flight to Chiang Mai, Phuket, Hat Yai, Samui etc. then convert some into Bangkok currency before you progress to the transfer desks.

For travellers going through Bangkok immigration, then there are Suvarnabhumi Airport currency exchange booths before the Immigration desks as described and also in the baggage hall after passing through Immigration.

Suvarnabhumi Airport currency exchange boothCurrency Exchange Bangkok Airport

Will I get a good exchange rate in Suvarnabhumi Airport?

The exchange rates in Bangkok Airport are better than your home country, but you can get a better rate if you get informed first.

Of course, any airport facility charges premium rents for stores to be located on their premises and Suvarnabhumi Airport is no different.

So the Thailand airport currency exchange rate given by these Bangkok Airport money exchange booths is not going to be as good as you can get from somewhere that has lower rents.

It makes sense that the cost of higher rents get passed onto the customer, in the form of higher charges or less favourable exchange rates, in this case.

Bangkok Airport currency exchangeCurrency Exchange Bangkok Airport

But if you are just changing enough for your taxi fare, then use any of the Bangkok Airport money exchange booths to get your Thai baht, as the rate difference will not be significant.

But if you want to change a little more money to tide you over for a few days, then there is now a second option that will save you money and is still convenient.

Currency exchange experts SuperRich Currency Exchange (1965) Co.,Ltd, Happy Rich and Kasikorn have opened up currency exchange booths on the Suvarnarbhumi Airport Rail Link property down on the lower level, on the right-hand side of the ARL entrance.

This location is just off the Bangkok Airport property and it is this location, that makes the rates so much cheaper, because of the lower rents.

Happy Rich Bangkok Airport currency exchangeHappy Rich Bangkok Airport currency exchange

On both occasions that I have walked past, the SuperRich (1965) booth had a 10% better exchange rate for AUD and USD compared to the exchange rate booths inside the airport just a few metres away. (I didn't check all the others). 

Generally speaking the Super Rich Suvarnabhumi Airport Exchange will give the best Thai money exchange rate, but you can check each of the booths for your own specific currency, as there are likely to be slight differences.

How to Get to the Best Currency Exchange in Bangkok Airport

If you want the best currency exchange in Suvarnabhumi Airport, then when you leave the baggage hall via the middle Customs exit (Exit Gate B) and then take a left turn when you are in the hotel greeters area, you will see the down escalator on your left.

(As of July 2023, this is now closed off, so you have to walk a little further to the moving walkway and use that to go down)

Superrich Bangkok Airport currency exchangeCurrency Exchange Suvarnabhumi Airport

Take this escalator and walk towards the ARL station entrance and then walk to the right of the ARL entrance about 50 metres and you will see the three Bangkok Airport money exchange booths directly ahead of you, but now on the right-hand side of the ARL stairs.

Superrich Thailand Money Exchange Bangkok AirportDirections to SuperRich Currency Exchange booth

The currency exchange booths are now located adjacent to the Boxtel@Suvarnabhumi and Avagard Capsule Hotel sleeping boxes.

Opening hours: 10:00 am - 08:00 pm (could change)

If you want to do more currency exchange rate calculations then you may also be interested in the:

This link shows the current live exchange rate for a number of popular currencies converted to the Thai baht.

Currency Exchange Booth Locations in Suvarnabhumi Airport

Where are the currency exchange booths in Suvarnabhumi Airport?

For arriving passengers, the currency exchange booths are located in a number of locations:

  1. Concourse C and E
  2. Baggage claim hall
  3. Arrivals hall
  4. Basement level (ARL area)

Upon arrival your BKK currency exchange should now go smoothly.

Where are the Bangkok Airport ATM Locations?

Bangkok Airport ATM Locations?

Some people are wary about carrying cash and prefer to use a BKK

ATM to handle their Bangkok Airport money exchange needs.

There are no Bangkok Airport ATM between disembarking your aircraft and the Immigration desks, only currency exchange booths.

But once you have been through Passport Control, then you can withdraw Bangkok currency from an ATM inside the Baggage Claim Hall.

Now, I can't possibly indicate the location of every Suvarnabhumi Airport ATM, but what I can tell you is that in the Departures Hall on Level 4 (opposite the check-in desks) and adjacent to Door 2, you will find several ATMs that will accept International Credit Cards and you can withdraw your Bangkok currency from this area.

If you know of the location of any other Suvarnabhumi Airport ATM please contact me with the location and I will add it to this page.

Where to Exchange Money in Bangkok Airport?

  1. Use Kasikorn, Happy Rich or Superrich (1965) currency exchange booths in the basement next to the ARL train station and convert just enough for your taxi and one day expenses.
  2. For subsequent days, find a currency exchange booth near your accommodation and remember to take your passport with you.

Best Bangkok Currency Exchange Rates

Where can I get the best Bangkok currency exchange rates?

As a guide the table below shows the currently quoted exchange rates in Bangkok.

These rates are likely to change several times per day.

Where should I exchange money in Bangkok?

  1. Superrich Thailand Head office or Superrich (1965)
  2. Street based currency exchange office
  3. Bank
  4. Hotel
  5. Airport - Super Rich Suvarnabhumi Airport Exchange

The preferred option to get Bangkok currency and most convenient for travellers, is the street-based currency exchange office.

Thai baht currency exchange booths are on every street in Bangkok, particularly around the tourist areas and the slight differences in exchange rate don't really warrant spending your time searching for the very best rate or going to the Superrich Thailand Head Office.

Some of the BTS stations have currency exchange booths, so this is also a convenient option. Some booths may now request your passport, however in the past this was not the case.

But if you are going out of your way to exchange currency, then definitely take your passport with you, to avoid a wasted trip.

The main banks in tourist areas can exchange foreign cash for Thai baht, but they will make a 5-minute transaction last 30-minutes and they have lots of forms to complete and it is really not that convenient.

Your passport will definitely be required if using the bank to exchange foreign currency. So be prepared and take it with you.

Your hotel is another option, but hotels will have daily withdrawal limit of probably around USD $100 and they may even only allow one transaction per booking stay.

This option is also not that convenient as not all staff are trained in the management of currency exchange, so you may need to wait whilst other staff get involved.

The hotel exchange rate will be shown on a little board near to the service desk, so keep your eye on this, to ensure it is worth your while.

I would say that converting foreign currency to Thai baht in a hotel is best used for emergency use only, and not something to consider for the bulk of your funds.

Bangkok Airport Arriving Passenger Services

Before concluding this page, consider if you need any of the following GetYourGuide services upon arrival:

If interested click the link or enter your details to check out pricing and availability.

Fasttrack Immigration Service

Skip the Line.

For economy class passengers there is still the option to speed your way through the Immigration line by using the pre-paid VIP Meet and Greet Service from GetYourGuide.

This includes a personal assistant to meet at the airbridge, help navigate the airport and expedite your immigration clearance step.

For travellers it removes a lot of stress, after a long flight to have this dedicated attention.

Visa on Arrival and Fast Track Assistance Service

Skip the line.

If you are a citizen of India, China or one of 19 other countries eligible for Thailand Visa on Arrival and flying directly to Bangkok, you can get your Visa on Arrival at Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK)

International travellers arriving under the Visa on Arrival category must proceed to the VOA processing area with necessary documentation and financial proof and obtain the necessary tourist visa before proceeding to passport control.

GetYourGuide offers paid services that reduce the waiting time and guide you through the Immigration procedure; you will be:

  • met at the airbridge by your host
  • assisted with the Visa-on-Arrival process
  • allowed access to the Premium Immigration Lane
  • assigned a baggage porter to arrange collection of your bags
  • escorted through Customs to your onward transportation

Bangkok Airport Private Transfers

Click the link or enter details below to learn more about the various paid Bangkok Airport transfer services available through GetYourGuide, if you need to book a van or limousine transfer.

Departing Bangkok Airport

What should I do with my Thai baht when leaving Thailand?

As you prepare to leave Thailand, you will likely have some local Thai baht left over, even after you have purchased that last meal or drink in Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Then what?

Well if you intend to return to Thailand, you can hold onto the Thai baht and use it for your next trip.

If you know that you never intend to return to Thailand, then you can convert your remaining cash at the Bangkok Airport money exchange booths in the International Departures Level 4.

Bangkok Airport currency exchange boothBangkok Airport currency exchange booth Concourse C

In the case that you are not going home, but say travelling to Europe, then it makes sense to convert any remaining Thai baht into Euros before leaving.

This resolves the immediate problem of having enough cash when you arrive at Zurich or Frankfurt airports and benefit from the better exchange rate in Bangkok Airport.

KBank has a currency exchange booth at the intersection of Concourse C and D and you likely find the same at the intersection of Concourse D and E.

People also ask:

What is the current exchange rate for converting my currency to Thai baht?

The Bangkok Airport money exchange rate fluctuates on a daily basis and over time will trend upwards or downwards (it may even go sideways) depending upon the relative financial strength of the countries associated with the currency pair.

This page has a currency calculator that you can use to indicate the daily exchange rate for the purposes of budgetting your trip.

The exact money exchange rate will apply at the actual time of currency exchange and this rate could be slightly different. Each Bangkok Airport money exchange booth will have an electronic board with the current exchange rates.

Are there any commission or service fees when exchanging money at Suvarnabhumi Airport?

If you use a currency exchange booth in Bangkok Airport then there are no commissions or service fees applied. However, if you use an ATM then there are bank and ATM operator fees applied.

The ATM operator fee is currently 220 baht in Thailand, but subject to possible change. For this reason it makes sense to withdraw the maximum amount at any one time, to reduce the percentage loss of the total transaction amount.

The maximum daily withdrawal amount is usually 20,000 baht, so ensure that if you are using an ATM that you take all you can in one transaction.

If you encounter this message, ‘invalid transaction please contact your bank’, this means that the ATM does not have enough cash in the drawer, so either reduce the amount, or if there are other ATMs nearby then try again.

Are there any currency exchange booths open 24 hours?

Yes, Suvarnabhumi Airport has 24-hour currency exchange booths, but smaller regional airports may not have the same hours, so make sure to get your currency at Suvarnabhumi Airport if you arrive at your destination out of normal business hours.

The Bangkok Airport money exchange booths located in and around the airport have the most frequent opening hours.

Can I use my credit or debit card to withdraw cash or make purchases at the airport?

Yes, if you go to the Check-in floor, there are ATMs between door 1 and 2 that will accept credit or debit cards.

Are there any limits on how much money I can exchange at one time?

There is no limit on how much you can change from foreign currency to Thai baht at one time, but if you want to exchange Thai baht to foreign currency there is a limit of US $5,000 per day.

In general, a genuine tourist will not have problems with exchanging money at a currency exchange booth.

Are there any restrictions on how much Thai Baht I can bring in or out of the country?

There are some limits on the movement of currency and whether you need to declare or not.

These limits depend upon whether you are bringing currency into or out of the country and so you should check for the individual situation.

However, bringing in upto USD $20,000 does not need to be declared.

Bangkok Airport Money Exchange Summary

This article provides information about Bangkok Airport money exchange services and serves as a guide for travellers arriving in Bangkok, offering insights into currency exchange options, locations, and practical tips for exchanging money upon arrival or departure.

It begins by acknowledging the importance of currency exchange for travellers and the convenience of having money readily available in the local currency for onward travel services, such as bus or taxi transfers.

It mentions that currency exchange counters or booths can be found in both the arrival and departure areas of Suvarnabhumi Airport and also indicates the availability of ATMs that accept international debit and credit cards for cash withdrawals.

It also highlights that major currencies such as US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, and Japanese Yen are commonly accepted and advises travellers to check the current exchange rates and compare them with other options to ensure they receive a fair rate. 

Additionally, the article provides practical tips for exchanging money at Bangkok Airport and as well as providing information about exchanging money in Suvarnabhumi Airport, it also provides useful links to money exchange sites that provide live feed data on exchange rates, ensuring the traveller is well prepared.

It also suggests avoiding currency exchange services in the high-traffic areas of the airport, as they may offer less favorable rates and specifically advises travellers to compare rates and fees at different currency exchange booths to secure the best deal.

The webpage also highlights the importance of keeping receipts and transaction records when exchanging money and advises travellers to retain these documents for future reference or in case any issues arise.

In conclusion, the information provided serves as a helpful resource for travellers seeking currency exchange services at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

It provides information about the available options, locations, and practical tips for foreign currency exchange upon arrival, that will help avoid the most frequently encountered money exchange issues that face international travellers.

Revised 3-May-2024

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