Dollar to Thai Baht

Where can I get the best dollar to Thai baht exchange rate?

Take the golf cart down to the main road

If you are looking for the best place to change money in Bangkok or just convert the British pound to Thai Baht or even the Euro to Thai Baht then there can be a big difference in the exchange rates between various currency exchange outlets.

Generally the best exchange rates for cash are in the specialist currency exchange booths, followed by the banks, and then your hotel and the worst rate would be from your home country bank.

Never change your foreign currency to Thai baht using your home country bank, there are so many better options that will give you a more favourable exchange rate.

Change Dollar to Thai Baht Report

The exchange rates given by the various currency exchange booths are dictated by factors such as the rents they pay and the amount of competition in the area and there can be a big difference, so it pays to do some research.

Massage shops in On Nuch, the cheapest you will find anywhere

One of the best places to exchange your dollar to Thai baht is at Super Rich Thailand located in Pratunam.

They are well known for offering the most competitive exchange rates, but are the savings really worthwhile for the average tourist to make the trip across town? 

There can be a big difference in the dollar to Thai baht exchange rates, but the actual answer to this question really depends on how much money you want to exchange and how far away from Pratunam you are located.

In any case let me give you my experience in exchanging the Australian dollar to Thai baht in Bangkok. 

As I was coming for a period of time I had brought enough cash for my trip and needed to change the Australian dollar to Thai baht whilst the exchange rate looked favourable.

Bangkok Money Exchange

K79 Money Exchange and guest house

We caught a Songthaew at 10:30 am to set off to Super Rich Thailand in Pratunam. It cost eight baht each down to On Nuch.

Getting off the Songthaew outside Big C shopping centre there is a short cut through the soi that has many cheap massage shops.

This soi links to Sukhumvit Road and then the BTS at On Nuch.

On the way to the BTS station we passed the K27 currency exchange shop and I noted that the exchange rate for Australian dollars was 29.85 baht to the dollar.

This is a really good exchange rate for the Australian dollar to Thai baht as the longer term average is around one dollar to 26 baht.

Waiting for the BTS at On Nuch

We continued walking a short distance and once we arrived at the BTS I purchased two one way tickets to Chidlom for 42 baht each.

As we had just missed the train there was about an eight minute wait for the next train to come along. 

Welcome to Ratchaprasong skywalk

It was mid-morning but there were many people still on their way to work and once we got on the next train there were very few seats left to sit down on so I stood up for the journey.

The trip to Chidlom took about 14 minutes. 

Once at the Chidlom BTS station we followed the stairs down and took a left turn and followed the overhead walkway.

By going this way we could avoided the crowded pavement and the traffic fumes.

Entrance to Gaysorn Plaza shopping mall

Walking along, we passed the Intercontinental Hotel on the right and then turned next right into the Gaysorn Shopping Plaza to take a short-cut through the Mall.

It was still quite early in the morning and there were relatively few shoppers around.

Gaysorn Plaza shopping mall atrium

We left the shopping mall by the footbridge that leads directly over to Central World and then went down the steps on the right and back onto the street level.

Looking left to Central World shopping mall

It was then only about a 200 metre walk, with Big C on the right and the Central World shopping mall on the left. 

Street at Ratchaprasong

The street is still packed with various market stalls and we continued walking until we passed over the Khlong San Saeb bridge to get to the soi where Super Rich Thailand is located.

Buddha image at Ratchaprasong

We took a right at the Bangkok Bank and walked along the small soi to the currency exchange shop. 

Interior of Super Rich Thailand money exchange

Super Rich Thailand 

The Super Rich Thailand store was just in the final stages of renovations and had all been refitted inside.

On the right-hand side as we entered the shop was the lady doing the photocopying and giving out the numbered tickets. You need to go to her first, to change your dollar to Thai baht.

The easy exchange process at Super Rich Thailand offices

You are going to need some form of identification and foreigners that want to make a transaction should bring their passport and Thais should bring their ID card, otherwise your transaction will not be processed. 

Although there were a few people waiting we went straight to the cashier and handed over the cash to change our Australian dollar into Thai baht.

The cashier counted the money twice in the electric counting machine; first one way and then the other, before finally counting by hand.

We were given a chit and then went to wait for our turn.

Whilst waiting I took a couple of photographs in the shop before noticing the “No Photographs” sign.

Luckily the security guard did not spot me as I was right behind him.

The exchange rate for the Australian dollar to Thai baht in Super Rich Thailand was 29.95 Baht to the dollar, so it wasn't all that different to what I had seen at K27 at On Nuch.

There was a wait of about ten minutes before our number came up on the board and we went to the cashier’s desk.

I gave the cashier the chit and she counted out the money multiple times and gave me the corresponding amount of Thai baht.  

We left Super Rich and went back down the soi to the nearby Bangkok Bank branch to deposit the money in one of the electric cash machines near the entrance.

Superrich Thailand is well known for giving the best exchange rate in Thailand.

Big C shopping mall in Ratchaprasong

We then went for lunch in Big C.

Lunch was just from one of the shops outside the food hall on the upper level and cost 300 baht for two people.

We also bought a cardigan for 100 baht, some water for 10 baht and wandered around the shops looking at the small stalls.

In the stalls on the ground floor they often have "Dockers" brand trousers for sale at around 250 baht.

I have purchased from here many times as I like the cut of the trousers.

They are knock-offs and sometimes the quality of the material is not as good and the trousers wear quite quickly, but for the price they are great value and they have a mix of leg length and waist sizes.

Zen and Central World shopping malls

With all the jobs done we retraced our steps from the morning and took the Skytrain back to On Nuch BTS station..

Skywalk at Ratchaprasong going to Chidlom

As we walked back to Big C we again passed the cheapest Thai massage shops in Bangkok, but didn't stop.

Outside one of the Massage shops was one of those stalls that sell iced coffee; we grabbed a couple of cups to go before getting the Songthaew, which had us back home around about 3:30 pm.

Currency Exchange. Was it worth it?

So how much did I save on the dollar to Thai baht conversion by coming to Super Rich Thailand? 

Well on $6,000 I saved a total of 600 baht; this being the difference between the rate at K27 and the rate at Superrich Thailand.

But it cost 8 baht to On Nuch and a further 42 baht each on the BTS to Chidlom.

That was a total cost of 200 baht for the return journey for the two of us, which meant my total saving for the day's effort was 400 Baht, or about $13.

Most of that saving got spent on lunch, some drinks and a cardigan.

So all in all we had a free day out, but in reality if I wanted to change dollars to Thai Baht again I think I would just go to K27 at On Nuch and save my time.

Give Currency Exchange Some Thought!!

Unless there is a reason to visit Pratunam, then it certainly wouldn't make sense for the average tourist to spend a whole day doing what I did.

If you are in Bangkok as a tourist, then just give it a little thought before running all over town to change your Euros to Thai baht.

It really does make sense to check the Thailand currency conversion rates when your time is limited.

Check the live Thai Baht currency exchange rates here

Don’t forget if you need to change dollars to Thai Baht at Suvarnabhumi Airport you will get the best rates at Happy Currency exchange or Superrich 1965 exchange booths located on the same level as the ARL train.

You can even change your remaining Thai Baht to dollars when you leave Suvarnabhumi Airport.

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