Pickadaily Bangkok

Pickadaily Bangkok has now opened for business and makes for a different Bangkok experience for those of you that like your photography.  

This small community mall is themed around the London area of Piccadilly Circus.

Pickadaily Bangkok photography

Visit Pickadaily Bangkok

The building facades are designed to be old English architecture similar to those seen in the old Roman town of Chester in Northern England.

The small laneways between the shops are reminiscent of places like Portobello Road. 

Pickadaily Bangkok London styled Bangkok shopping mall

This style of shopping mall is not something that you would usually come across in Bangkok but the concept of the Pickadaily Bangkok shopping mall seems to be drawing not only local shoppers but those that are artistically minded or experts with the camera.

Large chess set at Pickadaily Bangkok shopping mall

At any time of the day you can see photographers and their models taking part in professional shoots and setting up umbrellas with flashes, as well as assistants holding up large reflector cards to get the best lighting on the model. 

Daily coffee at Pickadaily Bangkok

The building style makes a great backdrop and scenic location for all types of modelling assignments and over the past 12-months the amount of interest has increased.

Taking photographs in the day is not the time when the light is ideal, as usually the sun is overhead and the lighting is too harsh, so many photographers wait until “Golden Hour”, to get the really best lighting conditions. 

Restaurants at Pickadaily Bangkok

As sunset in Bangkok is around 7:00 pm then the period of “Golden Hour” extends from about 6:00pm – 8:00 pm and people start turning up around 5:30 pm to explore the best shooting locations and get set up.

Even if you are not a photographer it is quite interesting to come and watch the goings on and see how it is done.  

Cafe Bistro in as the dusk approaches in Pickadaily

Most of the people coming here are amateur photographers, or those sent as part of a University assignment, but even these groups go to great trouble to outfit the models in period costume and make sure the make-up is perfectly done to get the best result.

From time to time the professionals turn up as well.

Pickadaily Bangkok

With a second level to the Pickadaily Bangkok shopping mall it is easy to get panoramic shots looking over the buildings in the direction of the sunset.

The replica tower of Big Ben gives an interesting dimension to the scenes.  

Being a great photographic location is only one of the attractions of the Pickadaily Bangkok and apart from Tops supermarket, a pharmacy and a coffee shop there are a number of nice little restaurants as well. 

English styled Tudor houses in Pickadaily Bangkok

In the daytime you can try out Amphawa Noodles.

Located in the back near the flower shop, pop over for some spicy noodle dishes, set in a replica Amphawa style shop.

In the evening visit the Japanese restaurant on the upper levels.

The Japanese restaurant (Tsukimi) is only small and so you need to be there before 7:00pm to get a seat.

When seated at the counter all the food is prepared directly in front of you and the place has a really authentic Japanese feel, which is enhanced by the small size of the seating area.

They have a good selection of Japanese dishes and the food is all freshly prepared. 

After dining, there should still be time to pop into the Half a Sixpence pub.

Tsukimi Japanese restaurant in Pickadaily Bangkok shopping mall

With frequent live bands and a selection of beers, it would be quite easy to settle in for the evening and those with a good eye can even have a game of darts.

For those that haven’t eaten yet or need a top-up, then additional hot food can be ordered in –house and delivered from the nearby restaurants.

Pickadaily Bangkok is located on On Nuch 77 Road between Sois 37-39 and you can’t miss it because it has a large replica of a double-decker London bus parked out front.

Model of London bus outside Pickadaily Bangkok

Next time you are in Bangkok with your camera, make the trip to this Bangkok photography location, but remember to bring your own model.

Getting To Pickadaily

Catch a Songthaew from opposite Big C at On Nuch for 7 baht and stay on it for about 20 minutes until you either see LDC dental surgery or the big Pickadaily Bangkok sign on the left-hand side.

Just ring the bell when you wish to get off.  

If you have never used a Songthaew before then you pay the driver’s assistant when you alight, just walk to the passenger window and give them the money.  

If you are not sure how to get to Big C, then take the BTS to On Nuch station and follow the directions for Bangkok Massage Street.

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