7 Reasons to Learn Thai Language

The basics of the Thai language can be mastered quite quickly. If you are planning to come to Thailand then you should try and learn at least some key Thai phrase. It is really not as difficult as you think and you can soon grasp the key concepts in a short space of time.

Here are seven great reasons why you should learn some Thai phrases.

7 Reasons to Learn Thai Language

1. Going for a holiday to Thailand

To be honest you really you don’t have to learn Thai if you just come on a short vacation to Thailand.

Most hotel staff speak English and many Taxi drivers can also speak English. In some of the major department stores the sales staff hold a graduate degree and usually have a fair command of English.

Not much help if you are Russian or Swedish or German and cannot speak English yourself.

But once you get out of Bangkok and away from the popular tourist areas, then fewer people will speak English and it is more important that you can speak the Thai language.

2. I have been transferred to Bangkok for my job

If you are expected to manage people in Bangkok then it would be a great advantage to learn Thai.

If you are transferring with a Western company then it is likely that many of the Thai people will already speak English.

Learning the Thai alphabet and some key Thai words and phrases is going to be of enormous help. Your local Thai staff will be especially impressed if you make the effort to learn the Thai language and they will be keen for you to practice some Thai phrases over lunch or at a company meeting.

3. I am going backpacking to Thailand

Backpacking is a great way to see a country.

If you are going to travel around Thailand backpacking then you will likely visit many remote places away from the general tourist destination. You will need to catch buses, take trains and know how to book a room in a hotel.

Before you embark on your trip, spend some time to learn the language of Thailand, you will enjoy your trip so much more.

Being able to speak with the locals and find out what is going on is going to make things so much easier and you will even know if you are being overcharged for things. Bargaining in the local market place will become a breeze if you can understand some Thai and read the Thai numerals.

4. I am looking for a Thai girlfriend

If you are looking for a Thai girlfriend then it is really important that you can speak some Thai.

It is not easy to understand a woman at the best of times, so just imagine how difficult it would be if you don’t know any Thai words. Just learning a few Thai phrases and words would help your relationship develop.

5. I am looking for a Thai boyfriend

No, not impossible, there are many foreigners that desire a Thai boyfriend.

If you are heading down that path then you really need to get your Thai speaking skills up past a minimum level, as this will improve your chances significantly. Understanding your partner is a key element to having a successful relationship.

6. I want to do business in Thailand

To be able to do business successfully in Thailand you need to know a little more than how to order drinks or take a taxi.

You should be able to speak Thai fluently and this is when a comprehensive understanding of the Thai language is vital. Of course if you can read Thai as well, then that is even better.

Not only will learning to read and write Thai allow you to conduct business dealings, the exposure to Thai people and their culture will start to give you a perspective on how they think.

This additional insight will allow you to advance your business strategy. No longer will you be dependent upon that company interpreter to explain your wishes.

7. I am going to retire to Thailand

Thailand is a great place to go for your retirement, the weather is warm, the cost of living is not so high and you can really have a great lifestyle.

Retirement means that you have a lot more time available to you and what a a great opportunity to spend some of that time engrossed in studying the Thai language. One hour a day is all it takes to improve your Thai reading and speaking skills.

Play golf, relax by the pool or nip down to the bar for a quick one. In all these situations having some key Thai phrases to hand will really be so helpful and make your stay more relaxing and enjoyable.

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