How Can I Study Thai?

If you want to study Thai and become proficient in the language then there are a number of options available to you. But also you may have some more questions in your mind.

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Can I go study Thai in Bangkok?

You don’t have to go to Thailand to learn Thai but of course it is a great place to attend Thai classes and Bangkok has many places where you can learn to speak Thai.

Great if you have a lot of free time or no current job. Not so great if you are working to save up for your trip to Bangkok.

How long will it take me to learn Thai?

You don’t have to spend a lot of time to learn Thai. In fact by just devoting one hour a day to your Thai study you will be surprised how much progress you can make.

Is it expensive to study Thai?

If you want to study Thai it is really not that expensive. Bear in mind that Free Courses are not really free. They use up your time and that is valuable. Because they are not structured they will take a lot longer.

You must accept the fact that you have to pay for your Thai lessons, but most importantly you should find a course of study that suits you and your lifestyle.

Do I need to be clever to study Thai?

In fact it is not necessary to be really clever to be able to speak Thai, you just need a desire to want to learn and have an interest in achieving the goal. If you have those two qualities then you should be successful.

Indeed it is true that almost anyone can learn the Thai language.

There are so many courses available, how do I choose?

Thai food

If you are like me when you don’t know something, you just jump on the internet and type in “learn Thai” or “speak Thai”. Stop right here! You are wasting valuable time.

You will be overwhelmed by the number of courses on offer that a Google search shows up and you can easily spend a whole afternoon visiting each site and just browsing around.

At the end of it you will not be any closer to making a decision about which Thai language course to take.

Believe me if you are serious about wanting to learn Thai then this is not an effective way to approach the problem.

Why not?

The internet is full of free information. Of course, but the reason it is free is that it is paid for by advertisements.

A popular search result is “Learn Thai free” or “Learn Thai on line”. The search results look really enticing but you can’t learn with adverts flashing and flickering on the screen.

Trust me you will quickly lose your concentration and whilst it will be free it will not be effective. In fact it will be just a waste of your time and time is money.

So not a good option, because not only do you want to learn to speak Thai but you want to do it in the most effective way possible.

So, start by asking yourself a few questions.

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