Dubai Airport Lounge Access - Book Your Lounge Online

Dubai Airport lounge access is available for eligible International travellers transiting or departing from Dubai Airport.

With more than 66 million business and leisure travellers per year, this modern airport gets very busy, but there are places to hide from the madness of crowds.

This is nominated as the world's busiest airport and whilst still relatively quiet, these passenger numbers are expected to increase to the pre-pandemic levels of about 84 million International passengers that was recorded back in 2019.

As a result of having to deal with hundreds of flight departures per day, Dubai Airport is home to a selection of free and paid lounges for travelers to relax in before their flight.

So whether you are flying Business Class or Economy, there will be a paid lounge Dubai Airport to relax in before your flight; and the cost for this additional comfort is surprisingly affordable.

In this article, we'll take a detailed look at all the lounges available at Dubai's International Airport, including their amenities, location and how to access them and everything you need to know about lounge access in Dubai Airport.

At the very end of the article I cover connecting airport lounges available from GetYourGuide located in:

  • Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (BKK)
  • Sydney Kingsford Smith (SYD)
  • London Heathrow Airport (LHR)
  • Singapore Airport (SIN)
  • Kuala Lumphur Airport (KUL)
  • Helsinki Airport (HEL)

If your outbound or return flight uses one of these airports, then you can also make a lounge booking with GetYourGuide, for that leg of your flight by going to the specific link.

airport-lounge-seats-05International Airport Lounge

Dubai Airport Lounge Types

Welcome to the ultimate guide to Dubai Airport lounges!

Dubai International Airport is known for its grandeur and opulence, and the lounges found within its terminals are no exception.

In this comprehensive article, we will explore the world of Dubai Airport lounges, where luxury meets convenience.

From exquisite amenities to personalized services, we will take you on a journey through the realm of these exclusive havens.

So, fasten your seatbelts, and get ready to discover the epitome of comfort and indulgence at Dubai Airport lounges.

There are several different types of lounges at Dubai Airport, each with their own unique offerings.

The most common types of lounges include:

  • Airline Lounges: These lounges are exclusively managed by individual airlines and are accessible solely to passengers traveling with the respective airline. As you embark on your journey with a specific airline, these exclusive sanctuaries cater solely to passengers traveling under their wings.

    Picture yourself sinking into plush seating, savoring delectable delights and refreshing beverages, all complimentary, of course. Some airline lounges even go the extra mile, offering rejuvenating shower facilities to revive weary travelers.

  • Independent Lounges: Unlike airline lounges, independent lounges are unaffiliated with any specific carrier and extend their services to all passengers, subject to a fee.

    Generally, independent lounges provide amenities similar to those found in airline lounges, encompassing comfortable seating, complimentary refreshments, and dining options.

    In addition, some independent lounges offer supplementary features such as massage chairs, private sleeping areas or showers, augmenting the overall experience for discerning travelers.

  • Premium Lounges: Prepare to be whisked away to an oasis of opulence as you enter these coveted spaces. Premium lounges transcend ordinary expectations, elevating your travel experience to new heights.

    Sink into sumptuous seating, carefully crafted to cradle your weary body. Savor delectable culinary creations and sip on carefully curated beverages that surpass the ordinary.

    These havens of luxury might even spoil you with spa services, where you can indulge in a soothing massage or invigorating treatments, leaving you refreshed and ready to conquer your next adventure.

    Now, armed with this knowledge, you can navigate the world of lounges with ease, selecting the haven that aligns with your desires and transforms your journey into an unforgettable experience.

  • Gate Lounges: The least luxurious of all the lounge options is the Gate Lounge. Each boarding gate is fitted with seating in the adjacent areas, that is available from the time of exiting Passport Control. Just grab a seat, read your book and wait for the boarding gate to open. 

    There are nearby shops selling food and refreshments.
airport-lounge-seats-07Dubai Airport lounge selection

Dubai Airport Lounge: A Haven of Exclusivity

When you think of Dubai Airport lounges, what comes to mind?

Perhaps a vision of lavish interiors, impeccable service, and a serene ambiance?

You're on the right track.

Dubai Airport lounges are renowned for their unmatched luxury and exclusivity and these sanctuaries provide travellers with a retreat from the bustling airport terminals, offering a haven where they can relax, unwind, and enjoy a plethora of amenities.

Let's dive deeper into the allure of Dubai Airport lounges.

Dubai Airport (DXB) VIP Lounge Access

When you don't have access to a free airline lounge in Dubai Airport and you don't fancy the hustle and bustle of the Gate Lounge, there is always the option of selecting paid access to one of the Dubai Airport lounges located in the various Concourses of the airport.

Here is the full list of all the lounges in Dubai Airport and their location, that are available for eligible transit and departing International travellers.

Paid Lounges in Dubai Airport

T3 Plaza Premium Lounge 

Opening Hours: 24/7

Access: All inclusive entry upon paid access. There is a choice of 3-hour access or 6-hour access.

Location: Concourse A, T3 Level 4 (Near Gate A2)

Facilities: Plaza Premium Lounge offers you a premium experience even while travelling economy class, with its comfortable seating, and the delectable array of Arabic, Asian and International cuisines freshly prepared in our kitchen.

Brewed tea and coffee, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages from our well-stocked Aerobar are served throughout the day.

The lounge also offers four private Family Suites for you to enjoy more privacy. The Family Suites come with butler service and can accommodate a maximum of 6 guests (adults and children inclusive) — ideal for families and business travellers who prefer their own space and privacy.

Additionally, there are showers and also a specially designed Kids’ Play Area to keep them busy, as well as dedicated Smoking Rooms.

Business Facilities:

  • Wi-Fi

To embark on your journey towards unparalleled comfort, enter the details below and experience a world of relaxation like never before.

Their Patio by Plaza Premium Group T3 Arrivals

Opening Hours: 24/7

The first-of-its-kind 523sqm venue in the region is open to all travellers – solo travellers or group travellers, leisure or business – providing a mixture of shared space and meeting rooms for like-minded individuals in a collaborative environment.

Access: All inclusive entry upon paid access.

Location: T3 Arrivals

Facilities: Their Patio is your first co-working lounge at the airport. Centrally located next to Dubai Duty-Free in the Arrivals floor of Terminal 3, Dubai International Airport,

Their Patio features a wide range of services including concierge services alongside other facilities for passengers.

For refreshments, guests can choose from a selection of coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Business Facilities:  A wide range of services including,

  • concierge service
  • meeting rooms
  • conference room
  • co-working space
  • printing & photocopying

and also includes a separate business Consultancy Centre for Business set up & sponsorship Visa & residency inquiries, Accountancy, VAT, alongside with several other facilities for passengers.

To embark on your journey towards unparalleled comfort, enter the details below and unlock a world of relaxation and productivity like never before.

Don't let the pressures of business travel weigh you down any longer; take the leap, and discover the atmosphere of Their Patio co-working space package for yourself.

Dubai Airport Lounge tickets can be pre-booked, are supplied by the well known travel team at GetYourGuide and they come in a convenient packages that are extremely affordable.

Experience a Paid Airport Lounge

Remember, my fellow business traveller, life is too short to endure the exhaustion and stress that accompany frequent travel and if your company is making you travel economy for European and Asian flights, then you deserve to have some little comforts before taking off.

Even if you are a vacation traveller, it makes sense to start a long journey in a refreshed state of mind.

So, take charge of your well-being, prioritize self-care, and allow the Dubai Airport Lounge package to be your beacon of tranquility in a hectic world.

Your journey towards ultimate comfort and productivity awaits.

airport-lounge-chairs-20Comfortable airport lounge facilities

More Dubai Airport Lounges in Dubai International Airport (DXB)

Let's now look at the other lounges in Dubai Airport.

Access to any of the following Dubai Airport lounge facilities is either by your Airline Awards status or flight ticket, refer to each lounge site for individual conditions of entry.

Dubai Airport Terminal 1, Concourse D

Ahlan Business Class Lounge

Location: Terminal 1, Concourse D (Inside Security)

Ahlan First Class Lounge

Location: Terminal 1, Concourse D (Inside Security)

British Airways Galleries Lounge and Concorde Bar

Location: Terminal 1, Concourse D (Inside Security)

Lufthansa Business Lounge

Location: Terminal 1, Concourse D (Inside Security)

Lufthansa Senator Lounge

Location: Terminal 1, Concourse D (Inside Security)

Marhaba Lounge

Location: Terminal 1, Concourse D (Inside Security)

SkyTeam Lounge Dubai

Location: Terminal 1, Concourse D (Inside Security)

Sleep 'N Fly Sleep Lounge

Location: Terminal 1, Concourse D (Inside Security)

airport-lounge-drinks-32Rest at ease in a paid airport lounge

Dubai Airport Terminal 2

flydubai Business Class Lounge

Location: Terminal 2 (Inside Security)

Marhaba Lounge

Location: Terminal 2 (Inside Security)

Dubai Airport Terminal 3

Jumeirah Airport Lounge

Location: Terminal 3 (Outside Security)

Their Patio by Plaza Premium Group

Location: Terminal 3 (Outside Security)

Dubai Airport Terminal 3, Concourse A

Ahlan Lounge At Gate A1

Location: Terminal 3, Concourse A (Inside Security)

Dubai International Hotel (Concourse A)

Location: Terminal 3, Concourse A (Inside Security)

Emirates First Class Lounge

Location: Terminal 3, Concourse A (Inside Security)

Marhaba Lounge

Location: Terminal 3, Concourse A (Inside Security)

Plaza Premium Lounge

Location: Terminal 3, Concourse A (Inside Security)

sleep 'n fly Sleep Lounge

Location: Terminal 3, Concourse A (Inside Security)

The Emirates Business Class Lounge

Location: Terminal 3, Concourse A (Inside Security)

Dubai Airport Terminal 3, Concourse B

Dubai International Hotel (Concourse B)

Location: Terminal 3, Concourse B (Inside Security)

Emirates First Class Lounge

Location: Terminal 3, Concourse B (Inside Security)

Lounge @ B

Location: Terminal 3, Concourse B (Inside Security)

Marhaba Lounge

Location: Terminal 3, Concourse B (Inside Security)

Sleep n' Fly Sleep Lounge, Business Pods and Showers

Location: Terminal 3, Concourse B (Inside Security)

The Emirates Business Class Lounge

Location: Terminal 3, Concourse B (Inside Security)

The Gallery by Dubai International Hotel

Location: Terminal 3, Concourse B (Inside Security)

Dubai Airport Terminal 3, Concourse C

Dubai International Hotel (Concourse C)

Location: Terminal 3, Concourse C (Inside Security)

Marhaba Lounge

Location: Terminal 3, Concourse C (Inside Security)

Sleep n' Fly Sleep Lounge

Location: Terminal 3, Concourse C (Inside Security)

Dubai Airport Lounge Map

All Dubai Airport lounges are shown in this updated Dubai Airport Map using the Google Maps application.

You can access this live map on your mobile device to find your specific lounge and it is probably the best application to show the most current data.

Hopefully, this Google Dubai Airport Map will assist you beforehand to identify the location of your best airport lounge.

airport-lounge-drinks-33Dubai Airport lounge drinks

Paid Dubai Airport Lounge Access

If you aren't eligible for access to the lounge of your carrier, then don't forget you can still purchase access to a Dubai Airport lounge from GetYourGuide.

Just enter details below to get started and see how affordable it really is.

Dubai Airport Information

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the primary international airport serving the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

It is one of the busiest airports in the world in terms of passenger traffic and is a major hub for travel and transit between Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Here are some general information and tips that air travelers should know about Dubai Airport:

  1. Terminals: Dubai Airport has three passenger terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3.

    Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 are mainly used by international airlines, while Terminal 2 is primarily for low-cost carriers and regional flights.

  2. Transfers: If you have a connecting flight at Dubai Airport, ensure you have enough time between flights as the airport can be quite large and busy.

    It is recommended to have a minimum of 2-3 hours for international transfers to allow for immigration, security checks, and potential terminal changes.

  3. Transportation: The airport is well-connected to the city center and other parts of Dubai. You can use various transportation options, including taxis, metro, buses, and car rentals, to reach your destination.

    The Dubai Metro has a dedicated station at Terminal 3, and there are shuttle buses to Terminal 2.

  4. Facilities: Dubai Airport offers a wide range of facilities to enhance the passenger experience. These include duty-free shopping, restaurants and cafes, currency exchange, ATMs, lounges, prayer rooms, medical services, Wi-Fi access, and a variety of entertainment options.

  5. Immigration and Visas: Ensure you have the necessary visas and travel documents before arriving at Dubai Airport. The immigration process at Dubai Airport can be efficient, but it is essential to have all required documents and follow the immigration procedures accordingly.

  6. Baggage: Familiarize yourself with the baggage rules and restrictions of your airline. Dubai Airport has baggage trolleys available, and there are baggage wrapping services for added security. In case of any issues with your luggage, contact your airline's baggage services desk.

  7. Security: Follow the airport security guidelines and cooperate with security personnel. Be aware of the restricted items and liquids that are not allowed in hand baggage.

    There are security checkpoints before entering the departure gates, so be prepared to go through the necessary checks.

  8. Lounges: If you have access to airport lounges through your airline or loyalty program, Dubai Airport has a variety of lounges catering to different airlines and passenger categories.

    These lounges provide comfortable seating, food and beverage options, showers, and business facilities.

  9. Timezones: Dubai operates on Gulf Standard Time (GST), which is UTC+4. Make sure to adjust your watches and keep track of your flight departure and arrival times accordingly.

  10. Local Customs: Familiarize yourself with the local customs and traditions of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Respect the local culture and dress modestly, particularly when in public areas of the airport.

Remember to check the official website of Dubai Airport or contact your airline for the most up-to-date information and any specific requirements for your journey.

airport-lounge-drinks-34Travel in comfort using a paid lounge

Dubai Airport Lounge Summary

You have learned about the DXB Airport Lounge locations and when the Dubai Airport lounges are open.

Business Class lounge and VIP lounges are available to qualified travellers and for non-eligible travellers there is the option to pre-book one of the many Dubai Airport Lounge options.

The Dubai Airport lounge price is very affordable and some lounges even have shower facilities. Bookings can be cancelled 24-hours in advance.

Most Dubai Airport lounges open 24/7 but some lounges are for more limited hours depending upon when the next flight departure is, so make sure to check on the lounge website.

In conclusion, Dubai Airport lounges embody the pinnacle of luxury and comfort for travelers.

Whether you're flying First Class, Business Class, or even Economy Class, these exclusive havens offer a retreat from the bustling airport terminals, providing a sanctuary where you can relax, rejuvenate, and indulge in a range of premium amenities.

From gourmet dining to impeccable service, Dubai Airport lounges redefine the concept of airport hospitality.

So, the next time you find yourself at Dubai Airport, make sure to experience the epitome of luxury by visiting one of its remarkable lounges.

Your journey will never be the same again.

airport-lounge-seats-08Dubai Airport Lounges come with all amenities

Paid Airport Lounges at Other Locations

Sometimes it is useful to know what paid airport lounge options are available at other airports.

The following Bangkok Travel Ideas pages outline and summarise what travel lounge facilities to expect at each International Airport.

Paid Lounges can be booked in advance with GetYourGuide.

Lounges in Bangkok Airport (BKK)

Lounges in Sydney Airport (SYD)

Lounges in London Heathrow Airport (LHR)

Lounges in Singapore Airport (SIN)

Lounges in Dubai Airport (DXB)

Lounges in Kuala Lumphur Airport (KUL)

Lounges in Helsinki Airport (HEL)

airport-lounge-food-15Dubai Airport lounge dining options

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Miracle Lounge

Regardless of your airline, ticket class, or membership, refresh before your outgoing flight in one of the Miracle Lounges in Bangkok Airport.

  • Miracle First and Business Class Lounge (Concourse A)
  • Miracle First Class Lounge (Concourse C)
  • Miracle Business Class Lounge (Concourse D)
  • Miracle First Class Lounge (Concourse D)
  • Miracle Business Class Lounge (Concourse F)
  • Miracle First Class Lounge (Concourse G)
  • Miracle First Class Lounge (Concourse G) Level 3
  • Miracle Business Class Lounge (Concourse G) Level 3

Valid 3 hours.

London Heathrow Lounge (LHR)

Relax and refresh before your departure or in-between flights in the comfort of the Plaza Premium lounge at Heathrow Airport.

Choose between a 3-hour or 6-hour stay, enjoy unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi, shower facilities, and dine on delicious food and beverages.

  • 3 or 6 hours to utilize the facilities of the lounge
  • Selection of food
  • Selected drinks and coffee
  • Comfortable seating area
  • Flight information
  • Alcoholic drinks in select lounges
  • Shower in select lounges and subject to availability (there is only 1 shower room at T5 Departure and it is on a first come first serve basis)
  • Kosher Meal option (T4 Departure, Gate 2)

Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

Refresh and recharge in the Plaza Premium Lounge before boarding your plane in Changi Airport.

Take a hot shower, use the Wi-Fi, and enjoy delicious local food with beverages.

Relax while you wait for your flight in the T1 Plaza Premium Lounge or T4 BLOSSOM Lounge from Singapore Changi Airport.

The 7,000-square-foot lounges provide convenience, comfort, and value to all travelers.

At the T1 Lounge, savor food including signature Singapore Laksa and classic Singapore chicken rice.

Enjoy complimentary hot and chilled beverages. Try made-to-order dishes and interact with the chefs at the live cooking counters.

The T4 Lounge is designed with comfort in mind for you to relax and unwind before your flights.

Experience the range of facilities and services, including modern shower facilities for you to freshen up, or therapeutic massages by a master masseuse. (Additional charges apply for showers and massages depending upon Lounge selection).

Refuel with food and beverages and a tapas bar before continuing your journey.


  • Comfortable seating area
  • Wi-Fi access
  • International TV channels
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Premium Lounge: buffet and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Use of shower facilities at T1 (optional add-on)
  • Use of shower facilities at T4 (first-come-first-served, limited availability)
  • Kuala Lumphur International Airport (KUL)

    Relax and refresh before your departure, in-between flights or arrival in the comfort of the Plaza Premium Lounge at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at Satellite Terminal and Terminal KLIA2.  

    Enjoy comfortable seating, complimentary WiFi, local and international newspapers and magazines while waiting for your flight.

    Choose from a wide selection of food, as well as an open bar with a range of beverages.

    Choose from 3-hour, 6-hour or 12-hour lounge access at a variety of locations within the airport to suit your schedule.

    Enjoy an even more premier service by using the Plaza Premium First Lounge.

    Valid 3 - 12 hours.

    Helsinki Airport Premium Lounge (HEL)

    Relax as you wait for your next flight with pre-booked access to the Plaza Premium Lounge, located at both departures and arrivals at Helsinki Airport.

    Enjoy an amazing playroom set within a modern and bright lounge ambiance, taste delicious food and drinks, and access the sauna and showers.

    Located within the landside area in the new Terminal 2, take advantage of the lounge's unique environment for both business and leisure passengers.

    Make use of the private meeting pods for passengers who require their own dedicated space to work and meet at the airport.

    Get 3-hour access to the lounge and take a break before or between flights.

    Unwind with comfortable seating, a live kitchen, a bar, shower rooms, charging stations, complimentary WiFi, and computer workstations.

    airport-lounge-drinks-35Dubai Airport lounge with refreshment bar

    People also ask:

    What lounges are available at the International Airport in Dubai?

    The airline lounges available at the International Airport in Dubai include:

    • Emirates First Class Lounge
    • Marhaba Lounge
    • Ahlan Lounge

    There are also paid Dubai Airport lounges available:

    • Plaza Premium
    • Skyteam Lounge DXB

    How can I access the lounges at Dubai International Airport?

    Access to the Dubai Airport lounges is either by your airline awards status or flight ticket.

    Refer to each lounge's website for individual conditions of entry.

    What facilities are available at the paid Lounges in Dubai Airport?

    The facilities available at the Lounges in Dubai Airport include seating, showers, rest rooms, and Wi-Fi.

    Charging facilities and meeting rooms are also available.

    How long are Dubai Airport lounge tickets valid for?

    Dubai Airport lounge tickets are supplied by GetYourGuide and come in different blocks of time.

    The voucher is valid only on the date specified, but can be cancelled 24 hours before for a full refund.

    Check details on the GetYourGuide page.

    Are there showers in Dubai Airport?

    Some of the lounges in Dubai Airport have shower facilities in the Departures area.

    There is one Plaza Premium lounge in the Arrivals area that has showers and the cost is very affordable.

    This Dubai Airport Lounge can be used to take a shower prior to boarding your plane or even upon arrival, before continuing your journey.

    Where is the Qantas lounge in Dubai Airport?

    People travelling on Qantas have a choice of lounges in Dubai Airport.

    Can I buy VIP Lounge access in Dubai Airport?

    Travellers departing or transiting from Dubai Airport can buy lounge access from GetYourGuide in 3-hour or 6-hour blocks.

    Additionally some airlines allow the pre-purchase of lounge passes, so long as you are ticketed with the airline. 

    Whether travelling free or paid you are sure to find a VIP Lounge Dubai Airport to suit your travel needs and the Dubai Airport lounge price is very affordable.

    Can I take a shower at Dubai Airport?

    If you are wondering does Dubai Airport have showers, then you are not alone.

    Many travellers feel the need to shower during a long flight and indeed there are showers in Dubai Airport, so you can freshen up during your journey and change your clothes.

    Just doing this simple thing can make that second-leg of your flight so much more bearable.

    One of the lounges that has showers in DXB Airport is the Plaza Premium Lounge.

    Dubai Airport Lounge tickets can be pre-booked with Plaza Premium Lounges before you travel by visiting the site at GetYour Guide.

    Dubai Airport showers are not in every lounge, but these paid lounges have showers included.

    How much is the cost of a lounge at Dubai Airport?

    The cost of a stay in one of the paid airport lounges starts at around AUD $69 and available for departing International and transit passengers only and there are several airport lounges Dubai has on offer, so you are sure to find something that matches your travel program.

    What is the Dubai Airport lounge price?

    The Dubai Airport lounge price starts as low as AU$69 for a 3-hour lounge booking.

    The lounge booking can be cancelled 24-hours before.

    How many DXB lounges are there?

    There are more than 29 DXB airport lounges to choose from and the paid lounges from GetYourGuide allows access to anyone regardless of their airline ticketing status.

    What is the lounge Dubai Airport price?

    The price for a 3-hour booking at a Dubai Airport lounge is around AU$69.

    Are there any free lounges at Dubai Airport?

    Each Departure Gate has seating and toilet facilities nearby, and refreshments can be purchased.

    However if you want something more comfortable and less hectic, then the paid Dubai Airport lounge pass from GetYourGuide is extremely affordable.

    Paid lounge access DXB, starts at just AU$69 for a 3-hour time period and if you have never tried it, you don't know how much you are missing.

    Are there Dubai Airport lounges for Economy passengers?

    Dubai Airport has paid lounges for Economy passengers and the lounge cost is very affordable for singles or couples.

    A pre-purchased Dubai Airport lounge pass from GetYourGuide adds a special degree of comfort for that long international journey.

    Enter your details below to see Dubai Airport Lounge pricing and availability.

    Join an exclusive group of travellers, that know how to take care of themselves.

    Revised 08-December-2023

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