Dusita Resort Koh Kood

The Dusita Resort Koh Kood is interesting on so many levels. The resort consists of a number of cabins. The smallest will just fit two people and they come with air-conditioning or just a fan

Dusita Resort larger family huts

This cabin is one of the larger ones and is more suited to a couple that desire a little more space or a family unit.

Fishermans boat moored at the jetty at Dusita Resort

There was a storm cell passing over the Philippines when we first arrived and this added to the overcast weather and slight turbulence in the sea.  

The storm soon moved on and the sky became partly cloudy and the water clarity improved significantly. 

View over Ngamkho Bay from Dusita Resort

Most of the first three days was just spend sitting in the deckchairs on the waters edge.

At it happened the tide was in for most of the day and started to recede around mid afternoon. In the evening the waters edge was around 30 metres out from the shore.

Palm trees overhanging the watersedge

When the water went out to expose the sand it looked like there were a lot of small rocks. But when the tide was in and you went for a swim there did not seem to be the same number of rocks.

It is as if they got covered up by the sand. Anyway the rocks were broken fragments of coral and were very light and easily moved around by the waves.

The tide comes all the way in at the Dusita Resort and you can relax under the palm trees

During my stay I couldn't help but keep getting out of my deckchair and wandering around to take photos of what was in front of me. The colour of the water was the lightest turquoise I have ever seen.

Interesting palm trees on Koh Kood

In front of the restaurant area is this pair of unique palm trees.

Clear blue waters of Ngamkho Bay

There are plenty of shady places to sit on the lawn or down on the beach. This view is towards the long jetty where the boat from Kai Bae Hut drops you off. And yes the water is really this colour.

Pier at Dusita Resort

You can spend your whole holiday fishing from the end of this pier, like I saw one guest do. Beer in one hand and fishing rod in the other and he was out there just relaxing.

The only time he left his little seat was in the early afternoon when it got too hot or to trek back and get himself another beer.

Sunset over Ngamkho Bay on Ko Kood

In the evening you can walk along the sand and over to the nearby klong to get a different aspect on Ngamkhao Bay.

Because of the time of the year the sun always set behind the headland during my visit so it wasn't ideal to capture great sunset photos.

I would just love to go in the opposite season as I am sure the sunset could be captured directly over the water as the sun moves over.

Dusita Resort Restaurant

The eating arrangements at the Dusita Resort are a little different to many resorts so it is something worth knowing about.

There is no cooked breakfast option at the resort, but the Coffee Room is open from 6:30 am to 10:30 am and there is free tea, coffee and toast available in a little room at the front.

You can eat as much as you like and drink yourself crazy with coffee.

I don't know if it as temporary arrangement but when I was there the toast was being cooked on a hotplate grill.

It must be extremely wasteful with electric and it had to be turned up quite high to toast the bread properly. Hopefully they can invest in a couple of four-slice toasters soon.

Teddy Bear rice at Dusita Resort

Once 11:00am rolls by then you can order from the quite extensive menu, that is written in both Thai and English.

Of course being in Thailand you would expect that the predominant selection of food would be Thai food and you would be correct.

When staying in small resorts like Dusita I would always recommend eating the local food. They know how to prepare it, store it and it turns over quickly.

The menu did also had a section for some Western food. Sandwiches, cheese, chicken nuggets, something like that.

The above selection was provided for lunch one day. Look at the presentation with the cute little rice teddy bears.

Order fresh Crab at Dusita Resort for your evening mealFresh crab

Some of the seafood on the menu has to be purchased fresh and so either the night before or in the early morning go and tell the kitchen staff what seafood you wish to order and they will go pick it up when they go to get the fresh produce.

We ordered the crabs above and the staff picked them up from the market.

Thai seafood steaks in a red curry sauceSeafood steaks in a sauce.

If you are concerned about the spicy taste of Thai food then don't be. All the dishes that we selected were not spicy at all. You can add your own spice to the dish to make it to your taste. 

If you are a little unsure then just ask for "not spicy" when you place your order.

Koh Kood stir fried vegetablesStir fried vegetables
Steamed fish on Koh KoodWhole fish with lemon, garlic and a little chilli

Read what happened on the fourth day of my visit to Koh Kood when we took a motorbike ride around the island.

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