Koh Chang to Koh Kood

When booking your speedboat transfer from Koh Chang to Koh Kood at Kai Bae Hut the price also includes a free songtaew pick up from your resort.

Just before we were due to depart the songtaews turned up full of passengers with their luggage.

Their bags were quickly loaded into the front of the boat, whilst the passengers entered at the rear.

There are a range of different size boats available and I believe the largest can take about 40 people.

Our boat was probably half full with maybe 14 people.

Lookout positioned at the front of the Kai Bae speedboat going to Ko Kut

The weather was still overcast and it looked like rain as we set off to go from the jetty on Chang Island to Koh Kood.

After getting away from the shore the boat powered up to full speed and skidded across the top of the waves on its way to the first stop of Koh Mak.

The front of the boat has some seats and if there is not too much luggage you can sit up there. This section is uncovered.

Behind the front section is where the speedboat driver sits, this is under a canopy and is protected from the wind and sun. This is where we sat.

There were two big outboard motors at the rear of the boat, they were not noisy at all and you could quite comfortably sit alongside them and if you sit on the (port) left side of the boat you get full view of the Koh Chang shoreline.

It is really too bouncy to be able to take good photographs or video as you go along, but at least you get to see the beach area and the commanding cliffs until you get to the Bang Bao end of the island.

I guess it took about 30 minutes to reach the end of Koh Chang and then we were in open water but with other islands in view. 

Koh Mak

Koh Mak jetty

Another 30 minutes or so passed by and we could see Koh Mak appear.

If you have ever seen any photographs of Koh Mak it is easily recognisable because it is sort of flat in the middle and it looks just like the photographs.

Koh Mak is one of the many Gulf of Thailand Islands in this region.

The boat sped around the other side of the island and into the main jetty area in a quiet bay. I could see cabins on the shoreline.

There were a few new passengers on the jetty waiting to come on board and a couple got off and within about ten minutes we were ready to go.

Once loaded up the speedboat set off on its last leg to Koh Kood and again I would say this took about 20 minutes before we started to get close to the Koh Kood.

Koh Kood

The first big development you will see on Koh Kood is the Soneva Kiri by Six Senses.

Soneva Kiri private plane from Bangkok
Fabulous rooms in the Soneva Kiri on the island of Koh Kood
Great for relaxation at the Soneva Kiri, Koh Kood

This is a luxury resort and if you like to be pampered then you can stay here starting around $1700-$2000 per night, exclusive of plane transfers.

It is the sort of place to celebrate a special occasion or reward yourself for a job well done.

Unfortunately it was to far away to get any pictures of this resort, but it is spoken of very highly in travel circles.

If you are interested, you can find out more about Soneva Kiri at the Agoda website.

Although we passed by, it wasn't close enough to take photos.

First Stop Shantaa Resort

Get off here for the Shantaa Resort

If you travel from Koh Chang to Koh Kood then the advantage of taking the Kai Bae speedboat over the ferry from Laem Sok pier at Trat, is that you will get dropped off at your resort, rather than at the main pier on Koh Kood.

The first people to be dropped off were going to Shantaa Resort and the boat pulled into a tiny inlet with a small jetty.

Shantaa Resort shoreline on Koh Kood

All I could see were palm trees and some buildings up on the top of the hill, although a van had come down to collect the guests and their baggage, to save them the walk up the hill. 

A few of the boat passengers got off here.

The boat left the little inlet in front of the Shantaa Resort and travelled what seemed to be just around a corner and then about 700 metres deeper into Ngamkho Bay before stopping at the Dusita Resort pier.

The Dusita Resort pier was made of sun-bleached timbers and extended 100 metres from shore and all I could see of the shore were coconut palms.

Most people got off the boat here but a few stayed on to be taken to their resorts. 

Shoreline at Koh Kood

Dusita Resort Koh Kood

Carrying the bags we headed to the shoreline and just headed to the first little building. It really wasn't clear where to go and check-in so we just sat at the first table and waited. 

Before long a lady came out with a big book for us to write our identity details in.

She didn't speak much English but we were given the key to our room and were shown where it was located. 

Check-in area, there are a number of these buildings for eating, playing games and relaxing

Out the front of the resort and directly in front of all the rooms was a large neatly trimmed lawn that led down to the ocean.

The lawn was planted with coconut palms and had deckchairs set around and hammocks hung between pairs of trees.

There were a few people lounging in the hammocks and sitting in the deckchairs, mostly reading books.

Dusita Resort grounds leading to the ocean

Our allocated hut was in the middle section with a good view over the garden area.

So far I was fairly pleased.

I had done a lot of research on the internet about accommodation on Koh Kood and was finally swayed by a review on TripAdvisor and ended up booking a cabin without air for 900 Baht per night at Dusita Resort.

Dusita Resort cabin in the middle of the grounds at Koh Kood

The same cabin comes with air for 1400 Baht but in late December it doesn't get that hot and a fan is adequate.

I also had visions of the island being really basic, perhaps without electricity during the day and had packed water purification tablets just in case and of course our bags were packed with chips and beers.

As it turned out all this was unnecessary. My worst fears were all unfounded.

Dusita Resort cabin, compact and clean

The cabin was fairly small with just enough space to fit a double bed.

There was flat screen satellite TV high on the wall and a small fridge, a large mosquito net hung over the bed and there was a fan on the ceiling.

Out the back door was an open air bathroom, with western toilet, sink and shower outlet. The shower is not heated as it is not really necessary.

One thing I did notice is that there is a now some plastic roofing, so if you did have to go out to the toilet in the rain you wouldn't get wet.

This must have been a fairly recent addition, as some forum posters mentioned the lack of roof covering.

Dusita Resort sign at Koh Kood

The trip from Koh Chang to Koh Kood only took a couple of hours and it was all very well organised. 

The day we arrived on Koh Kood was very overcast and the photographs  don't do the place justice, but over the next few days the weather really cleared up and you will be amazed at the colours in the photographs that I took later.

Continue reading about my trip to Koh Kood and get a feel of what it was really like on the subsequent days.

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