Sleeping in Bangkok Airport

Sleeping in Bangkok Airport is something you may need to do if your flight is delayed or has a large delay between connecting flights; sometimes it just cannot be avoided.

If you do find yourself in this situation then here are some tips to locate the best places to sleep in Bangkok Airport.

The only hotel accommodation inside Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is at the Miracle Transit Hotel, which is located on the 4th floor of the International departures terminal.

Passengers with an International connecting flight can pre-book the only airside accommodation for transit passengers and know that they will have somewhere to shower and sleep.

Find current pricing and availability by visiting this Agoda link to the Bangkok Airport transit lounge operated as the Miracle Transit Hotel with prices starting from $126.

The Miracle Transit Hotel is located on the 4th floor in:

  • Concourse A
  • Concourse G

Sleeping in Bangkok Airport has never been more comfortable.

Map of the Miracle Transit hotel location in Bangkok

If you don't wish to stay in the Miracle Transit Hotel then the other option is to find a quiet part of Bangkok Airport to literally hide away.

The choices of Bangkok Airport sleeping facilities will depend upon what your ongoing travel arrangements are and how much comfort is required.

Here are my thoughts and suggestions for where to sleep in BKK Airport arranged by the Suvarnabhumi Airport floor level.

Sleeping in Bangkok Airport

Bangkok Airport Level Four

If you are already in Thailand and can’t avoid an early arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport, then I have written about several options for small Bangkok Airport hotels situated near to the airport, where you can sleep for a few hours. 

These are cheap options, that in most cases have a shuttle service to take you to the airport.

In the case that you do arrive early at Suvarnabhumi Airport then Level Four is where all the check-in desks are located.

It is going to be busy all the time and so it is not a good place to sleep overnight.

It is just too noisy.

Miracle Lounge for sleeping in Bangkok Airport

However once you have checked in and passed through immigration then there are some sleeping rooms available in Bangkok Airport.

Getting a few hours sleep in one of these areas is an option you can use if your flight is delayed.

Miracle Transit Hotel

The Miracle Transit Hotel rooms are specifically for international transit passengers connecting to another flight.

They provide beds and shower facilities in comfortable rooms for sleeping in Bangkok Airport.

If you are looking for the Bangkok Airport Transit Lounge in Suvarnabhumi Airport then this is where to stay.

Bookings are via the Agoda website and are available in 6-hour slots.

Rooms are located in Concourse A and G on the Departure Level.

Miracle Tavern Dayroom in Bangkok Airport

USD $126

Limited Availability


All the facilities you require are available Bangkok Airport and if you are looking for where to sleep in Suvarnabhumi Airport then the Bangkok Airport Miracle Transit Hotel is a great choice.

Just note, that there is now a capsule hotel located in Bangkok Airport called the Boxtel.

This is for people that are not in transit or have not yet passed through immigration.

For example, if you have taken an internal flight to Bangkok and then are waiting to check in to your International flight, then the Boxtel may be a suitable option for those travellers to have a quick rest.

The Boxtel rooms are located in the basement of the Suvarnabhumi Airport and these sleeping boxes are an alternative to more expensive options nearby, particularly if you forced to be at the airport early.

You can visit this Agoda link to book a Bangkok Airport sleeping box if you are thinking of sleeping in Bangkok Airport.

Thai Airways First Class Lounge

The Thai Airways First Class lounge located in the International Departures area has some small rooms available with canvas beds in them, where you can catch up on your sleep.

You will need to have a valid ticket from Thai Airways to make use of these facilities.

Thai Airways lounge Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

I wouldn't really describe these rooms as an airport sleeping box, but they are fit for the purpose and there are showers in the same area.

The Thai Airways sleeping area is an option if you have access to the First Class lounge.

The Thai Airways Business Class lounge has a range of reclining chairs and quiet areas where you can get some sleep.

Bangkok Airport Level Three

The third floor of Suvarnabhumi Airport is described as the Meeting and Greeting Gallery and so obviously it is quite busy.

Either end of this level is quieter than in the middle, where the up and down escalators carry a lot of traffic to the other floors.

Sleeping overnight at Bangkok Airport on Level Three

So at either end of the third floor of Suvarnabhumi Airport there is long bench seating located very close to the toilet facilities and it is not so noisy.

This area of Bangkok Airport is suitable for travellers who are land-side and have yet to check in at Bangkok Airport for either a Domestic or International connection.

You should be able to relax here and catch some shut-eye for a few hours.

If you are travelling alone take the usual precautions and make sure you secure your possessions as there are occasional reports of thefts from sleeping passengers.

Bangkok Airport Level Two

The area outside of the Domestic Arrivals on Level Two of Suvarnabhumi Airport has lots of long bench seats where you can lay down and have a good rest.  

The benches don't have armrests and are long enough to lie down on.

This area is reasonably quiet during the night and early morning.

In fact many weary travellers make this a resting spot.

Sleeping overnight at Suvarnabhumi Airport just outside the Domestic Arrivals door

If you are looking for a place to sleep in Bangkok Airport then these two floors can be considered, whilst waiting for a Domestic connection or if you arrived too early for your International check-in.

Bangkok Airport Level One

Level One is where the taxis and buses depart from and although there are a lot of long bench seats, hordes of arriving passengers come down the escalators to get their onward transport and it can be really noisy in here.

There are toilets located in the centre and next to Gate 8.

At the far end, is the Magic Food Point food hall that is open 24 hours per day, so you can easily grab yourself something to eat.

Very often I see a lot of ladies dressing in traditional Thai dress waiting in this area, like they are putting on a show in the Airport. 

I have never seen traditional Thai dance performances in Bangkok Airport, but it seems like it may happen. 

This area is not really suitable to sleep at Bangkok Airport, when all you really need to do is go down one more level to find some peace and quiet.

I suspect sleeping in Bangkok Airport in this area would be quite difficult just because of the noise and constant stream of passengers.

Bangkok Airport Ground Level

The next level down is the Ground Level really, but feels like the basement.

This level is where the Airport Link train to Bangkok arrives and departs.

As the Airport Link train stops operation at midnight, it is usually very quiet in this part of the building during this period.

Even during the day, parts of this area of Suvarnabhumi Airport are relatively quiet.

Sleeping in Bangkok Airport near the Airport Link connection

One of the best places for sleeping in Bangkok Airport is directly under either of the two down-escalators as you come down from Level One, where the taxi rank is located.

These two guys managed to get a spot near to the power point and plugged in their computers and are having some down time.

No matter where you select for sleeping in Bangkok Airport you will sleep a whole lot better if you get yourself an eye mask and neck pillow for your trip.

In any case, if you are travelling in Economy class, you really should have an eye mask and neck pillow for your comfort as the seat spacing is quite restricted and it will ease your journey.

Sleeping places in Bangkok Airport

Down on the Ground Level of Suvarnabhumi Airport it is reasonably dark under the moving walkways.

It is reasonably quiet and there are power outlets nearby so you can recharge your phone or laptop.

Bring your sleeping mat for a little more comfort, as you will be on the hard floor.

If you are thinking of sleeping in Bangkok Airport, then depending on the time of day you are sure to find somewhere to rest your weary head.

Boxtel@Suvarnabhumi Airport

If you don't fancy sleeping on the bench seats or lying on the floor, then there is some good news.

The first mini-sized hotel has now been launched on this level of Suvarnabhumi Airport.

These sleeping boxes come with a full sized bed, wi-fi and air-conditioning and can be rented for short periods.

They are suitable for one adult, but a child up to the age of 12 is permitted to stay with a parent.

They have shared toilet facilities and no showers, so not exactly luxury, but they are just fit for their purpose of allowing you to get some sleep in Bangkok Airport before moving on.

Prices are starting around $48 for four hours.

Check the availability and pricing of theBoxtel Sleeping pod at Agoda now.

As the sleeping boxes are located land-side these rooms are not really suitable for transit passengers.

I bet it is a heck of lot more comfortable sleeping in Bangkok Airport in one of these sleeping boxes than it is sleeping under the escalator, but I suppose it all depends upon your budget and how long you need to sleep.

It is likely that these sleeping boxes would appeal to singles transferring either on domestic to international or international to domestic.

For example, this option seems suitable for those people flying up from Phuket and connecting to an international flight or arriving at Bangkok and needing to transfer to a domestic flight and who just need a few hours rest or a bit of a freshen up.

Boxtel Location

Watch the video to see how to get to the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport walkway.

You will find the Boxtel sleeping pods located on the left hand side, before reaching the Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport hotel sign.

If you plan on sleeping in Bangkok Airport then you can quite easily walk to the Boxtel sleeping pods with your baggage, once you clear Immigration and Customs formalities.

The overnight traveller is well catered for in Bangkok Airport.

Sleeping rooms, sleeping pods and regular hotel rooms are all available, either on the Suvarnabhumi Airport property or just a short drive away.

Hopefully this guide gives you some ideas and inspiration for your trip to Thailand. 

Hotels Near to Bangkok Airport

If you can avoid sleeping in Bangkok Airport then all well and good.

Indeed there are many hotels near Suvarnabhumi Airport that offer reasonable facilities at a fair price.

These range from the nearby Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport hotel that is within walking distance.

Then there is The Cottage Suvarnabhumi Hotel that is a short 15-minute drive away in a complimentary transfer.

If you don't have time to waste, then just proceed to check pricing and availability at the Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel at this Agoda link.

Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport hotel

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