Tarzans Island Restaurant

In the evening we wandered back up to Tarzan Island restaurant. Outside there was a stall with fresh fish on ice and next to that is the actual kitchen for the restaurant.

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As we went up the steps to the restaurant I noticed that there were piles of shoes everywhere.

Thai food at Tarzan Island Restaurant Koh Chang

It is normal practice to take off your shoes when you enter a Thai house.

Sometimes this custom extends to restaurants and small businesses, especially outside of the big cities.

Certainly, massage shops and Buddhist temples in Thailand expect you to remove your outdoor shoes.

So following the customs we took off our shoes and left them on the steps and proceeded to find a table.

The Tarzan’s Island restaurant was already fairly full and the band was just setting up the equipment and tuning up.

We took a menu and after an extensive review ordered some Ginger Chicken, Tom Yum Gung, Spicy beef salad and some drinks (we paid 600 Baht when we left). 

Ginger Chicken at Tarzan Island, Bailan

Most of the patrons were on holiday and many with young children. Some of the younger children were peering over the rail at the musicians as they set up their equipment.

It was plain from their faces that they were excited by the prospect of seeing a live band.

Reggae band in Koh Chang

The music was advertised to start at 7:30pm but like school fireworks or dinner with friends it was really 7:30 for 8:00.

The band began to play their selection of reggae tunes.

A mix of Bob Marley and other reggae greats were played with enthusiasm and passion.

I placed a request for “doo doo doo”. I don’t know the real Thai name for this song but it always goes down well with the band and the locals, as it is a popular Thai reggae song.

Reggae solo in Koh Chang

At the end of their set, the band quickly packed up and headed off to the next venue.

The second act was a solo and I am sure that it was Johnny Depp dressed up as pirate; he even came in on crutches, but that was because he had fallen off his motorbike recently and had hurt his leg.  

Big moth in Koh Chang

As the evening wore on I had to go to the toilet, but first remembering to collect my shoes off the steps and then walking out the back to find the men's room.

Just inside the toilets was the biggest moth I have ever seen.

It was really as big as a small bird. The slats of wood you can see the moth sitting on are 75mm width, so that gives you an idea of how big the moth was.

I took a few photographs without disturbing it and went back to re-join the music. The children were still having a great time watching the “Pirate” singing reggae songs. 

At a reasonable hour we headed back to our room and had a decent night’s sleep.

With the “white noise” from the fan there was no possibility of hearing anything outside the room. 

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