Bangkok Beach Photos

A collection of the best Bangkok beach photos taken around Koh Chang, Ao Nang and Hua Hin.

Well, Ao Nang is nowhere near to Koh Chang, but it is a good place to showcase some of Thailand's best beaches.

Koh Chang to Bangkok Beach Photos

Koh Chang ferry to some of the best Bangkok beaches in Thailand

Travel down from Bangkok by car or bus and take the ferry across to the island of Koh Chang.

There are many ways to get here and the best way depends very much on your starting point.

It is possible to take the Suvarnabhumi Airport to Koh Chang bus, if you are like to travel cheaply.

One of the best Bangkok beaches on the eastern coast of Thailand

Klong Prao Beach, Koh Chang

Klong Prao beach is one of the best beaches on Koh Chang and not overrun with tourists. If you want a quiet beach close to Bangkok then Klong Prao may be ideal for you.

The Klong Prao area is a little way out of the town of Whitesand Beach, but you can easily take a Songthaew during the day and early evening. 

There are a range of good hotels right on the beach and you get to spend the time relaxing without hordes of other tourists in this part of Koh Chang.

Best Bangkok beach at Ao Prao on Koh Chang near to Bangkok

Palm trees come right up to the waters edge on Klong Prao beach and you can sit in the shade out the front of the hotel. At high tide there is very little beach left.

On the foreshore there are small massage tables set up and the odd bar or so under the Casuarina trees.

Klong Prao - Koh Chang

Klong Prao is the small inlet of water located on Klong Prao beach.

It has small fisherman cottages along the banks and surrounded by coconut plantations.

Many of these small homes are now restaurants or small home-stay accommodation for tourists visiting the island of Koh Chang. 

Bangkok beach klong and mangroves on the island of Koh Chang

Two places of note are the large AANA Hotel and the famous Baan Rim Nam home stay, featured in the photo below.

The AANA hotel will take you in a small hand rowed boat down to the beach as you can't walk there.

On the other hand, because Baan Rim Nam is located on the other side of the khlong, it is just a one hundred metre walk to the beach.

I have stayed here a few times and will certainly stay again, so I am a bit biased in recommending it.

You can book Baan Rim Nam directly at Agoda and past guests rate this place as Exceptional, which shows how satisfied people were with their experience.

I have never stayed a the AANA hotel, so I can't pass a comment.

Houses on stilts at Klong Prao on Koh Chang. Here you can see Baan Rim Nahm

Whitesand Beach - Koh Chang

The Whitesand Beach area of Koh Chang is the main tourist attraction and has the most shops. I would describe the place as being bigger than a village, but smaller than a town.

Whitesand beach on Koh Chang. One of Thailand's top beaches

Whitesand Beach is the first beach as you come down the hill after getting off the ferry and many tourists never get beyond this part of the island.

This is the busiest beach on the island and I think you can see from the photo just how busy it gets. At peak times you might get twice as many people, but even so you shouldn't have any problem laying your towel out. 

Sunset over a Bangkok beach

It is possible to get some really nice sunset photos on Koh Chang, but just be careful as all the mosquitoes and flying bugs come out at sunset and you may need your bug spray if you are waiting around to take that sensational shot as the sun goes down.

Sunset over one of the top beaches in Thailand
Koh Chang sunset on one of the top beaches on the island
Thailand beach photo with sunset over the ocean

Sunsets like this are common on the island of Koh Chang.

These photographs are all taken at Whitesand Beach the most popular beach on the island and in my opinion one of the best beaches in Thailand. 

Bangbao, Koh Chang

More Bangkok beach photos and at the far end of the island of Koh Chang is the small fishing village of Bangbao.

The place is now starting to fill with tourist shops and small restaurants for visitors, but you can still see the Thai fishing boats bringing in their catch and unloading on the pier.

Fishing boat near the lighthouse pier on Koh Chang

There are lots of photographic opportunities to get amazing shots down at the Bangbao pier.

Koh Chang fishing trawlers

Salakphet, Koh Chang

The other main port area is at the other side of the island at Salakphet Bay.

Most tourists do not make it this far, but if you have a car then it is a nice ride out for lunch as there is a big seafood restaurant there.

If you are staying at Baan Rim Nam, then host Ian used to organise day tours around the island, stopping for lunch just here.

Ask him about them.

Koh Chang fishing boats back from a day's work

This is the end of the Bangkok beach photos and now to look at somewhere just as interesting down the South of the country.

Ao Nang, Krabi

There are some great beaches in Thailand and Ao Nang has its share of them.

This beach is located outside the Centara Grand hotel in Ao Nang.

It is a private beach belonging to the hotel so it never gets busy.

Sail boat Ao NangSail boat Ao Nang

At night time the beach is illuminated by the hotel lights and you can look across it as you dine in the hotel grounds.

Best Thailand beach at night near to Ao Nang

The main Ao Nang beach is the place that the tours to the islands run from, so it doesn't make a great place to sit and sunbathe as there are hordes of tourists walking down to the boats and the boats themselves are very noisy.

The main beach at Ao Nang where all the boats run the tours from

If you want to sit on this beach then the place to go is the far end, in front of all the hotels and just towards the Monkey Trail that leads to the Centara Grand hotel.

The scene below is from the Nopparattara Pier area and taken aboard the Ao Nang Princess ferry, just as we were about to depart to Phi Phi island.

Speed boats at the Nopparattara pier near Ao Nang and heading for Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi

On Phi Phi island you can see many of the boats that came from the Ao Nang beach area.

Phi Phi island beach just near where the Ao Nang Princess ferry boat berths

Paragliding is one of the activities that you can partake of when you visit Phi Phi island.

This photo was taken off the main beach on the opposite side of the island to where the ferry docks.

Paragliding at Phi Phi island

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