Bangkok Airport Car Hire

Ensure you have the neccessary documentation for renting a car in Bangkok and confirming you have the correct licence can be demonstrated with an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Learn what is involved and why you should get and IDP before leaving home.

Choices for Bangkok Airport Car Hire

Convenience: Bangkok Airport car hire is an extremely convenient way to transfer from Suvarnabhumi Airport, essentially offering door to door service.

Safety: As safe as the driver at the wheel and you should have accessible seat belts for the rear seat passengers.

Cost: The cost of Bangkok Airport car hire is dependent upon the vehicle choice.

You will also need to obtain an International Drivers Permit from your local motoring organisation before departure($40-70)to be able to drive in Bangkok.

Pitfalls: If you have had an extended flight time then you may not be as alert as usual.

You need to have your wits about you in Bangkok traffic.

If you have never driven in Bangkok before then driving a car may not be the best choice after a long flight.

Directions: Beyond Customs Control, turn right upon entering the arrival hall and proceed past all the hotel agents until you see the Bangkok Airport car hire booth on the left hand side just before Gate 4.

Private Car From Bangkok Airport

Convenience: If you are arriving at Bangkok Airport and someone is coming to meet you then you have done well.

Getting someone to pick you up when you arrive at the airport is one of the most convenient options and you don't need to bother with the Bangkok Airport car hire option.

Safety: As safe as the driver at the wheel, but at least you should have accessible seat belts for the rear seat passengers.

Cost: There is a small car parking charge levied, dependent upon the length of stay. Typically this cost is less than 30 Baht.

If you get picked up in a friend’s or relative’s car then this is usually done for free.

But be aware that they may have paid tolls and certainly have used fuel to come and pick you up.

Pitfalls: The biggest risk is that one of you does not turn up at Bangkok Airport.

You should exchange mobile phone numbers beforehand, so that in case your greeter cannot make it to the airport, or you miss each other at the Meeting point, you have a way to contact each other.

If your flight is delayed upon take-off, then send an SMS with the revised arrival time. It saves the other person having to wait needlessly at Bangkok Airport.

One of the commonest causes of flight delay is the failure of passengers to board the aircraft and the consequent unloading of their baggage and this then has flow on effect.

Directions: Beyond Customs Control, turn right upon entering the arrival hall and proceed past all the hotel agents until you reach the Meeting Point, which is located just close to the escalators.

A number of video monitors are located here to observe people leaving the Customs Hall.

Once you have met up, then you can take your baggage trolley up the escalator, until you reach the floor with the bridge over to the airport car park.

Seven Ways to Transfer from Bangkok Airport to Bangkok

Bangkok Airport to Bangkok
Return to the overview covering arrivals at Bangkok Airport, or go review the Bangkok Districts to decide the best area to stay in.

Bangkok Airport Limousine Transfer
Taking a limousine from Bangkok Airport is not as expensive as you think.

Arrive in style and comfort at your Bangkok Hotel and get help with your luggage.

Taking a Bangkok Airport limousine transfer from Suvarnabhumi Airport is my all-time preferred option to get from the airport in Bangkok to my hotel.

Bus from Bangkok Airport
Public transport is a cheap and economical way to transfer from Bangkok Airport.

Catching the bus from Bangkok Airport is not difficult and depending upon the location of your hotel, it could be a viable option.

Train from Bangkok Airport
Opened in 2011 the Suvarnabhumi Airport Link (ARL) provides comfortable and quick transport from Bangkok International Airport.

If your hotel is near to the station, or you are light with luggage, it is a good choice.

Find out more details about taking the train from Bangkok Airport.

Bangkok Taxi from Airport
The vast majority of international arrivals at Bangkok Airport simply take a taxi into Bangkok. Taxi scams are well documented, but how likely is it you will be targeted?

Read up, on taking a Bangkok taxi from the airport and be prepared.

Hotel Car from Bangkok Airport
Book your hotel car at the same time as booking your Bangkok hotel.

Let the hotel arrange to pick you up in a fancy hotel car, when you arrive at Bangkok Airport.

What could be easier?

Find out what can go wrong.

Read more about booking a hotel car from Bangkok Airport.

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