Pattaya Nightlife - Day 1

Pattaya nightlife is a combination of Go-go bars, Ladyboy shows, discos, beer bars and cabarets and large numbers of these venues are located around the Walking Street area.

Centara Grand Mirage Beach Hotel at night

It is not for everyone, but it is there.

Our plan was much more subdued than to savour the excesses that Pattaya has to offer and was to go have a couple of drinks in a local bar located one of the Pattaya beer bar complexes just opposite the Central Festival Pattaya Beach Shopping Mall.

After getting ready we all got in the car and headed out from the hotel down to Beach Road, which is the main road that runs alongside the beach; hence its name.

Once on Beach Road we continued to drive slowly until we saw the sign for the Central Festival Pattaya Beach Shopping Mall.

69 bar in the Pattaya beer bar complex, opposite Central Festival Pattaya beach shopping mall

It was still early evening so after parking the car we had a quick look around the shopping centre and then went out of the exit that led onto Soi 8.

The security guard said the mall closed at 11:00pm so we knew we had to be back by then, otherwise the car would be locked inside.

On the other side of the road to the Central Festival Pattaya Beach Shopping Mall is a collection of small beer bars in an open air environment.

We went over to visit 69 Bar and met up with some friends, had a chat, played some pool, ordered some food and had a couple of beers.

All fairly relaxed I must admit.

As it got towards 11:00 pm the lights in the Beer Bar complex started to flicker and go off intermittently.

Banana roti at the 69 bar in Pattaya

We could hear the distant sound of thunder and there were a few spots of rain, so we made our hasty farewells and set off back to the car leaving a sampling of Pattaya Nightlife behind.

It was lucky we set off when we did because just as we got to the doors of the shopping mall the heavens opened and it started to rain heavily.

We returned to the car and as we exited the Central Festival Pattaya Beach Shopping Mall car park it was still raining heavily.

As we paid the parking fee I wasn't sure which way to go back to the hotel and we ended up taking a right and then a left and doing a circuit of Pattaya Beach road and back past Walking Street before we worked out the way to go.

Pattaya beer bar just before the rain came

By now the rain was bucketing down and in places the roads were becoming flooded and we had to drive quite slowly through the water.

The drains could not cope with the deluge of water and the streets had turned into rivers with all the water running down hill towards the beach area.

Although the Pattaya nightlife scene was still in full swing there were a lot of people out on the street trying to shelter from the rain.

After about ten minutes driving we got back to the hotel, by which time then the rain had eased off somewhat, so I nipped into the 7-11 store for some drinking water and camera batteries.

The road into the hotel was flooded so we went on the footpath which was raised up and dry.

Centara Grand Mirage Beach hotel view from the fourth floor at night

As we entered the foyer, this was the first time that I had seen the hotel in the dark and my impression was that it could benefit from a few more lights; Lost World or not, I like to be able to see where I am going.

We noticed a few people sitting in the bar area having a warm up drink, probably before they went out to discover what Pattaya nightlife is all about.

But we continued up to the room after a very busy day exploring the sights of Pattaya.

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