Christmas Day in Bangkok - Day 10

Christmas Day in Bangkok has some limited significance to Thais because Thailand is predominantly a Buddhist country, with about 4.6% Muslim and only 0.7% Christians.

Bangkok shopping mall at Christmas

Even though the majority of Thais do not celebrate Christmas you will see traditional Christmas decorations around the commercial areas of Bangkok and belonging to those that celebrate this time of year.  

The shops around Central World in the centre of Bangkok really do make a special effort to decorate their stores and it is a great time to visit the city and just wander around looking at all the different decorations.

What makes Christmas Day in Bangkok that little bit quieter, is that many people start their end of year holidays and go back to see their families for a few days.

All the major department stores and markets will be open over the Christmas period, but some small businesses usually close over this period and they will have sign indicating when they will return.  

I have noticed that even places like Superrich Thailand will also close around the New Year period, so if you have any important transactions to perform, check out their website beforehand.

You can read more about the traditions of the Thai New Year here.

Eating on Christmas Day In Bangkok

Thai noodle shop

After all the rushing around in Hua Hin, today was one to relax.

Apart from going out to the noodle shop a couple of times to eat I stayed home.

In the morning I messed around on the computer and downloaded my Hua Hin photos off the camera and then watched the DVD I had bought earlier.

Christmas Day in Bangkok

I like nothing better than to be able to saunter out at lunch time and just go and get a plate of noodles or some other delicious Thai food.

My favourite noodle shop seems to close between Christmas and New Year. So it is a case having a look around at what is open and maybe discovering somewhere that I haven’t tried before.

Not far from my place is a small noodle shop that opens on Christmas Day, so we drove down there to check it out (it was just a bit too far to saunter to).

Khun Tai with a new hat

In Bangkok the traffic is much less around the end of the year and it was okay to park the car on the road because it was lunchtime.

The place wasn't busy as we arrived.

Raw prawns with bitter melonA plate of raw prawns and sour melon

In fact it seemed we were the first. A quick scan of the menu and we chose Khao Pat Bpoo (stir fried rice with crab), Somtam Thai, Larb Moo, Raw Prawns with bitter Melon and some water and soft drinks.

Somtam Thai

A nice dish of somtam Thai prik har met, or if you like Papaya salad with 5 chillies.

Somewhere there is a little raffia basket with sticky rice in it to eat as an accompaniment.

Larb Moo on a plate with sticky riceA favourite Isaan dish is Larb Moo; minced pork with lime juice and chillies, garnished with mint leaves
Christmas Day in Bangkok is the time to wear a Santa hat

We sat outside and turned on the fan to make the heat a bit more bearable whilst we wait for our food to arrive. Luckily we are in some shade as even though it is the cool season was quite hot in the direct sun.

The food was being cooked right in front of us and there was no long wait like we had experienced at Kai Bae, which was just as well as I was feeling really hungry. The advantage

Fried rice and crab with a slice of limeKhao Pat Bpoo

Swimming on Christmas Day in Bangkok

My place has a nice large swimming pool set between the two buildings and what better way to finish off Christmas Day in Bangkok than with a quick swim.

Condo swimming pool

To be honest my swim did not last long at all as the water was so cold.

On the previous occasions that I have spent Christmas in Bangkok the water has been cooler, but quite pleasant.

For whatever reason the water was really cold this year, perhaps there have been more cloudy days.

It wasn't quite as cold as the Hilton Hua Hin swimming pool but it wasn't far off.  

I still managed to do a few laps of the pool and once I got used to the temperature it wasn't so bad, but I did notice that I was the only one swimming that day.

Christmas Day in Bangkok

Thai noodle shop at Christmas

It was still Christmas Day in Bangkok but we needed to eat again, so in the evening we walked outside to our favourite noodle shop had opened his doors.

We purchased some satay skewers from the stall on the street and went in and ordered somethings off the menu.

Thai shop house noodle shop tables and chairs

The shop is set out in the typical style of a Thai noodle shop, built in the ground floor of a shop-house.  

Tables will seat 4 and have chopsticks, forks and spoons as well as a tray of condiments, consisting of chilli powder, sugar, vinegar with chillies and fish sauce.

This covers the four Thai flavours required for a good meal, being spicy, sweet, sour and salty.

Noodle soup before the spice are added

Noodles and pork, with beansprouts

Ducks beak and cucumber pieces

Duck, rice and cucumber slices

Liver in a soup

Liver in a soup, with the spicy sauce for the duck

Plate of chillies

Chillies and cucumber to be used with the Satay

Chicken Satay for dipping in the peanut sauce

Satay chicken on skewers with a peanut sauce

This Christmas Day in Bangkok was most enjoyable and relaxing and the best thing of all is that it didn't cost a lot of money.

Fuel/Transport 0 baht

Food and Drink - Lunch 4 people 280 baht

Food and Drink - Dinner 3 people 240 baht

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